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I just changed out my whole appliance tonight. I am almost thre weeks post op with a colosomy. I put Cavilon skin barrier wipe first,then convatec stoma paste, then placed floating flange. It has been burning ever since I changed it. I haven't had any output yet, so I know it is not that. My question is, do I take this off and start all over, or do I just try and tolerate the stinging?

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The paste is also stingy on me too. But after a little while it goes away. Maybe the alcohol in the paste disapates after awhile so it doesn't sting anymore. I have tried the wafers. They don't sting but after a couple days it will start stinging. I have sensitive skin so maybe that is why. Or maybe I am mildly alergic to the wafer.I have only used 2 wafers so I guess time will tell if I am really allergic to them. I think for everybody it is trial and error thill you find out what works for you. Good luch Chellesbell.

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Thanks tjane for your reply. Right now the burning has pretty much stopped for now. I just feel it every once in a while. Do you still continue to use the paste?

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i use a two piece system and do not use the paste, as i do not know how to use I also have burning after attaching the new appliance. I am three weeks post op, so maybe our skin needs to get used to it????

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Chriswife, maybe you are right. I have not felt any burning today. As far as not knowing how to use the paste, my husband treated it as a "sealant" to applying a gasket on a car( the sealant bein the paste and the flange/ wafer the gasket.) He knows a lot about cars. I don't what I would do without him.

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I have used both but not at the same time. I ordered the wafer and only have one tube of the paste. So I will have to use the wafer till I finish them up. The wafer is easier to use for me. The paste is like squeezing out toothpaste to me. First I was putting the bead on my stomach around the stoma. But have since learned you put the paste on the appliance and let it set a minute to kind of cure it. I think that is why I was getting leaks because I didn't let it set up first.

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Maybe this will help. When you change your pouch and barrier, clean the skin around your stoma with water and some soap, such as dial. Soap that has no oils, or perfumes in them ---you should not use to clean the skin. Probably you are using too much "stuff" that has alcohol in it. Use a barrier wipe without alcohol, make sure it is dry before putting the barrier on. Warm the barrier once on, with your hands so the adhesive on the barrier will adhere to your skin. The paste should not be placed anywhere except around the stoma, if you put it on the barrier surface that goes against the skin, then this could cause some burning especially if you use too much or it has an alcohol base. Just for your thinking---I visited with a person who was putting paste all over the barrier surface that goes against the skin, as she was told to by the home health nurse----not a recommendation, as your barrier will not sit flat on your skin. Hope this helps.

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