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Hi I hope someone reads this fast lol. Can you take a bath with the pouch off and let the stoma be under water.

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My surgeoon and ostomy nurse both say YES if you trust your output schedule, if you have one. I haven't yet been brave enough to try, but miss a nice long bath!

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Yes. You can wash with soap and water too. If something happens......start over ;).

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Absolutely. I shower all the time with it exposed. A soaking bath would be no different. I have been in our pool with it exposed. My surgeon put it this way: your stoma is like the lining of your mouth. It can take a certain amount of water, soap, chlorine, but you just don't want to put anything on it or in it that you would not your mouth.

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You can take a shower with the pouch off. I would not recommend a bath, unless you use a soap that does not have cream or lotion in it, because that will get on your skin around the stoma and the barrier may not stick too good. If you take a shower, do not let the shower water pressure hit the stoma direct, remember the stoma is blood vessels. I have been in the pool with my pouching system on and there is a "wrap" you can order and wear it over your pouching system while swimming. If you use a public type pool, I would not recommend taking the pouch off. I manage our private pool in our HOA, and I know what the water is like and how pure, in a public pool you have a no "known" factor here. Sometimes, if you have an Ileostomy, you have no control on your output! It could happen anytime.

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Thank you everyone

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