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I'm new

In: Diet and exercise




  • 3 Replies

Hi I recently had sigmoid colon resection surgery and temp ileostomy due to my server issues with diverticulitis. I'm 42 and lived a very active life before the surgery. Weight training is one of my most important activities. Can anyone tell me how long after surgery I can start going to the gym and lifting weights? Thanks for any input ... Read More


toilet bowl stains!?

In: Bathing and showering




  • 4 Replies

No, not a joke! I've had a high output ileostomy (Lou) for 4 plus years now. During that time our toilet bowl has become more and more stained - a pale reddish brown colour. NOTHING I've tried, including bleach, has moved that stain at all. I always flush right away. Nothing sits in the bowl for more than a few seconds. Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do? I know it's ... Read More



Voice-to-Text Typing and Other Recent Changes

ErikInspire's journal




  • 112 Replies

You’ve probably noticed for the last few days the new little microphone that has appeared on the right side of text boxes when you write a new post or comment. That new feature is called Voice-to-Text. If you click on it, and if you have a microphone, you can speak your text instead of typing it and have it appear on the screen. If you have a phone or tablet, this should happen automatically ... Read More


First Cancer Moonshot recommendation is more patient data

Cancer-Inspire's journal




  • 130 Replies

By Radha_Inspire Digital Editor, Inspire The latest Cancer Moonshot report from a panel of top-tier cancer experts lays out 10 recommendations to speed progress in fighting cancer. The first recommendation is to ask patient to help create a large database of tumor profiles. This information will also pre-register these patients for relevant clinical trials down the line. “Many patients ... Read More


After four years with Montezuma, the first time that this has happened...

In: Leaks




  • 3 Replies

On the way to work this morning, I received the odiferous notification that we all know too well. Puzzling, as the barrier was only a few days old and I hadn't made any manifestly unwise dietary choices (the usual suspect for a blowout.) Turned out that the pouch seam had split for about half-an-inch down one side. So I'll be inspecting the rest of this box before use! Michael ... Read More


What are you thankful for?

Brian's journal




  • 809 Replies

As we approach Thanksgiving, many of us pause to reflect on what we are thankful for. The older I get, the more I realize that what really matters to me, far more than anything else, are my family and friends and colleagues at Inspire, the people who are close to me. In the past year alone, three of my friends have been diagnosed with cancer. Each time I heard the news I was sad, scared ... Read More



Frightened, Anxious, Confused, Overwhelmed.........oh, and Constipated

In: Coping after ostomy surgery




  • 7 Replies

I suffer from long Term Slow Transit Constipation with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. My functioning has continued decline through the years. And I, too, have tried Evvveeerrrrryyyything!!!! I did need a rectopexy about 10 years ago. About 3 years ago I met, again, with my very excellent Colorectal surgeon at Johns Hopkins. After reviewing my Sitzmarker test where all but 4 markets remained ... Read More


Hello, everyone!

Radha_Inspire's journal




  • 115 Replies

Hello everyone! My name is Radha and I am the digital editor at Inspire. We’d like to share some news about an editorial initiative that we hope will be of use to you. Your community is a space where you can express your thoughts, seek support, and share information with fellow members, and will, of course, continue to be. My goal is to take cues from your discussions, your questions ... Read More


Medical supply company...HELP!

Whitwb's journal




  • 20 Replies

Hello, My name is Whitney Snow, I'm 27 years old and have had an ostomy since I was 3 years old. I am desperately in need of a good online medical supply company. I have been going through one already that is awful and they never get anything right. I need some ideas of great medical supply companies that you can order ostomy products over the phone or on a helpful manageable site ... Read More

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