Have TPN, Will Travel! Any suggestions?

We will be leaving for Ireland in three weeks, and I would like to take several bags of TPN with me, or have them shipped. I am only on PN three times a week, and in the past I have been able to travel overseas without infusing (except for a trip to Israel/Jordan in 1995; my mother had arranged through an organization she belongs to for four bags to be delivered to my hotel in Jeruselem), but I am not as stable as I used to be and am not sure it's a good idea to go eight nights PN free.

A nurse at my home care company is looking into what they can do to assist me with this, but I was wondering if any of you seasoned travelers out there had any suggestions.


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my company will fedex overnight to whereever we go in the states. ireland? dont know. i suppose if they used dry ice instead of ice packs maybe it could last 2-3 shipping..

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Although i am no longer using tpn's, i know that my old home health company would ship overseas--like Randy said, i think they can Fed Ex for you.

When we traveled in North American, we would have Option Care ship to the hotel where we were registered. My husband would notify the hotel in advance so that they would be able to plan for refrigeration. We typically had a 2.2 cu ft fridge in the room to chill the tpn.

Good luck on your trip


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I found a soft, duffle bag type insulated cooler that I pack my tpn bags in and use that as my carry on for the plane. I pack all of my supplies and put them in with the rest of my check in luggage. If you only have three bags that should be okay to carry on. I did have to have a Doctors note since the airports have been super strict with bringing liquids on the plane.

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I don't know what the protocols are in these discussions about naming suppliers, so I won't, but one of the reasons I chose the supplier I use is their ability and experience in supporting travel. In this year already they have shipped three times to destinations and have been great about hovering over that shipment until they knew it had arrived safely. Now, I developed two lists: one, items I would take with me and NEVER leave them out of my possession, and two, supplies I would need to have shipped. My TPN requires refrigeration, so they packed an inner box with the bags and ice packs, and then stuck that in a bigger box full of styrofoam peanuts. I made sure someone would be at the destination and would be able to refrigerate the bags of TPN.

I carried with me about two days worth of supplies, to allow for plane delays or whatever. Included in that were some bags of plain hydration that do not require refrigeration. I could get along for a while without the nutrients but I would be in big trouble really fast without hydration.

I've also learned to check with the airlines ahead of time about the EXACT dimensions of the carry-on luggage space so that what I carry with me will fit.

After watching the security people paw through my supplies, I now put all my liquid supplies in a large canvass bag for going through security and in that bag I have a couple of blue chuxs for them to spread out on their table when they unload the bag to look at everything. Then when they are done, I carefully repack it all in my carry-on suitcase.

BTW, if you decide to use dry ice, be VERY CAREFUL of freezing your bags of PN!! Several years ago, I carried some fluids that needed to be refrigerated into the Boundary Waters in a cooler with dry ice. The first morning, the top bag was hard as a rock, and the one under it was almost as hard. Both were ruined.

There is also a product that does not require refrigeration, which I am going to use the next time I do the Boundary Waters. The pharmacist on the Mayo team will figure out how to do that.

Enjoy your trip!!!

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Wow, sure would like to know the name of the company that will ship to Boundary Waters! Ours will ship to US 48 states (don't know about HI or AK), but not out of country.

We cold-packed (just the refreezable packs, no dry ice) TPN and checked the bag on a recent trip to Jamaica. Luckily the baggage arrived when we did.

Haven't figured out how to get it to Europe yet, but several business trips planned for there in near
future, so we'd like the info!

Could you tell me if I send you my real email? Thanks!

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Hello again -- I forgot to ask about the product that does not require refrigeration. Can you share more about that so we can inquire?


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