Yesterday I started to write another ranting and raving post because I was quite upset and I wanted to get it out on paper so to speak.... Well a few sentance in..I was interupted, and I never got to finish, but this interupterion made me even more angry cause..idk..i was already fustrated..Anyway.. I still have that anger lump buried in me...afraid im going to go off on something stupid. I hate that feeling.

I dont want to have to tip toe or censor what i want to say because it offends someone. People do offensive things everyday...and when someone offends me, depending on the case...I either POLITELY tell them or simply ignore it.

Anyway...this morning I feel half rested. I had a hard time sleeping bc something the only comfortable sleeping position I can find is on my side with my arm above my head, under the pillow. When I do this my tumor is staring me square in the eye, It just makes me think how ugly it is and how ugly I feel with my bumps n spots. Some girls get to worry about losing weight, or a small nose...if only those were my problems.....

Do anyone of you know what it feels like to have your privacy completely stripped from you? I do. My fiancee wasnts to know every single detail, no matter how miniscule about everything I do. Including writting on my Inspire page. I dont know why this bothers me, thats he is always constantly asking to look, or he is asking me what website Im always figorusly tyoing away on. Its annoying and I wish he'd back off just a little. But I dont see that happening..I guess Ill get to use to it because its not like Im hiding anything from him. Im 100% honest and faithful with him.

Have a nice day guys :)

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