TGIFriday Benefit for NF in Long Beach California!

On May 1st, the Long Beach TGIFridays will be hosting a benefit event for NFC. TGIFridays will donate 20% of the meal price of anyone who brings in the "NFC Benefit Ticket." The fundraising begins at 11am and does not end until closing that day!

If you are in the Long Beach area, please download the flyer (aka the "benefit ticket") and share this with everyone you know! We are not allowed to distribute it at the restaurant or in their parking lot, but all other forms of sharing are allowed. Let’s fill the restaurant – and raise money for NFC!

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Did any one call you saying they wish to participate in the fundraiser because I do and would like to meet fellow participants for dinner that day. I left the phone number for Maria of NF california on this website and a post about the event.

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