I have nf1 both lumps and cafe u late marks..and i have neva been informed about what happens if my first child was lost in a mis carriage early on its term.would the second baby carry the NF gene???
please help

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Each pregnancy has a 50% chance of resulting in a child with NF. Hope this helps.


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many years ago (1979) I had a miscarriage. I had 2 children since and carried both to (2 boys) to full term. Only rthw youngest has the nf gene. sons are now 31 and 28 yrs old. 50/50 chance of children having nf gene. Hope this helps you.

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I don't have NF and my first son has NF. Had 3 miscarriages between him and my second son. One molar pregnancy, one with Trisomy 10 and one with Trisomy 15.

They generally do not do pathologies on miscarriages as they are "pretty common" occurrences (at least 1/3 of all pregnancies). That is little relief to women such as myself who have multiple miscarriages.

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