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am trying to find people that would like to get toghter and meet each other that has nf so we all dont feel alone and try and get some ideal of what we can do if you would like to get toghter am giving my number and maybe we can find a place to meet that would be nice and i do have info if any needed 262-930-1663 gina

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hi gina I'm sorta new at this but, I have nf also and its runned my teen life. but, I'm a pretty strong person.I do have my days. I have 3 kids 1 girl 2 boys. 1 of my boys have nf also. I'm married and I am so greatful for him. after the first one well he wasent a good person and made me feel like crape. so tell me a little bit abit about you. Norma

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i come from a real long family history of nf and i hate liveing with nf am married for the second time but we dont real do naything toghter anymore because of all the tumors i have 4 kids with nf out of the 8 i have i have a sister brother and father and many more family with nf

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