Memory Lost/ depression/ tumor

umm am 19 have NF1 for over a 4yrs now or maybe longer...

dealing with memory lost cant remember much
cant even remember when i was younger
also dealing with depression and have a tumor in my left leg on my tight

just want to know if i should get all these check going to college for the first time in Sept .

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Hi , I'm sorry and yes you should for sure ! Congrats on going to College!! Keep me updated on what's going on . Also I have memory loss and can't remember to much of my childhood and other things from the NF but I'm working thru it I'm recently going back to college as well

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i have lots of memory problems and depression it sucks at time congrats to the both of u on collage

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Yeah I also have memory problems well only short term memory problems my long term memory is really good. But yes you should at least get your memory problems checked before you go to college. If you actually do have any type of learning disorders you should be able to get more time on tests or be able to take tests outside of class. There are several people who I have classes with now that get like 40% more time on test. The college you go to will have to give you extra time if a doctor recommends that you need more time,

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I too have memoryloss someone could tell me there name and a hour later i will forget it . as for Depression that can't be helped when you have NF. haveing NF makes it so much harder to live. but with GOD by my side i know i will be ok.

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Hello yes get everything checked out now don't wait until September because it may be something more with your hearing loss may god bless you feel free to reach out to me if you need someone to talk to my name is anna

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