Genetic testing labs??

I was told by my daughters neurologist that there is only one lab in the US that does NF genetic testing (Athena). Is this true? Can you share with me any other known labs that do NF genetic testing?

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I think it is true that there is just the one. University of Alabama at Birmington, UAB. Our son had his done there.

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Utah salt lake city has an amazing genetic lab best dr ever..... Just saw him with my boyfriend Friday dr. Viskochil u of u....... He is why my boyfriends fam moved here to Utah... He spent over an hour with us explains so many things and examing him.... He does specialize in peds but he sees adults as well. U of u is one of 5 nf genetic centers in the USA

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When I say my son had his test done at UAB, that just means his blood sample was sent there by our doctor. We stayed firmly in California.

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I was also told that the test should only be done in Alabama. The nurse at the NF clinic was the one who told me this.

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As others have said the lab at University of Alabama-Birmingham is the place to have the bloodwork sent for genetic testing.

The director of the lab, Dr. Bruce Korf has written extensively about NF and is on the board of directors for the Children's Tumor Foundation (formerly National NF Foundation)

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here is a complete list of all 37 labs that will test for NF-1 =genetests

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