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Our son has been intially diagnoised with NF1, who, what, where is the leading place to go in terms of doctors, care,research etc. From what I read I think we would feel much more comfortable going to a center that specializes in NF treatment.

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I would check out there is a section there about living with NF and finding an NF clinic. I'm not good with geography...but I see that you're in the South. If the University of Birmingham is reasonable for you guys...Bruce Korf is an NF guru! Just a thought.


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I agree with Sue. Travis sees Dr. David Viskochil at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. They are one of the 9 centers for NF research. Also, Dr. Viskochil and the other geneticists we see at the Univ of Utah work really good with the doctors at Shriners in Salt Lake City. For our son and his specific issues, this is the best place for his medical care. Our family will be moving to Salt Lake City in the coming weeks to be close for T's medical care since my husband was able to transfer to one of the offices located in Salt Lake City.


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