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Beware everyone that uses Facebook. I received an e-mail that said that my password was change by them and it had a link to go to. DO NOT go to that link, there is a virus attached to it. I just thought that I would put it out there for everyone to know.


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I've been using Facebook for a very long time, and have never had this kind of problem. Do you think it might be someone targeting you in particular? Or is it another one of those weird computer geniuses with no people skills, who get their kicks by messing up other peoples lives and computers?
I get really worked up over these kids. I raised my three alone from the time they were 4,5, and 6 and they are all highly motivated adults, self-starters, went to all highly-gifted schools and, as teens, devoted time to community service. We didn't live a lavish lifestyle, not for a minute, but I taught them morals and values and ethics. Why can't other parents do that?
Why are we subjected to the failure of parental supervision? Why are we subjected to the failure of parenting at all, because the parents wanted to be "pals" with their children, rather than their parents, their teachers, their moral advisors?
Agh! Don't get me started.

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It is not a personal prank. It was on the news. IT IS A REAL VIRUS. DO NOT OPEN IT OR CLICK ON ANY LINKS ASSOCIATED WITH IT.

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I got that e-mail last week

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