Rapid GFR drop

Hey all... Ok... Quick question about GFR falling off the fence just like Humpty Dumpty! It is crashing with a big old boom! (Sorry, trying to stay as upbeat as possible with no answers!)

Here is the deal- my GFR was 95 in June and my protein spillage was about 1.1... my GFR dropped to 82 in July and my protein went to about .5... My latest test has my GFR at 63 but my protein is now at a .07...

My question is- has anyone else had their GFR drop so quickly? My neph is going to test it again just to be sure but he is kinda stumped as to why it has all of a sudden dropped so quickly... He is researching for an answer but I thought I would also ask here...

If yours did drop that quickly, what treatment did you do? Did they ever figure out why it did? Did it continue or did it suddenly stop? Can I possibly ask any more questions?

Have a Tigger day!


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Yeah, mine was a bit scary. In May my gfr was 90 and my protein was at 5000. In June my gfr went to 59 and my protein was at 4000. In July my gfr went back up to 64 and my protein was at 4000. I panicked at first, but my neph told me that it could come back up. I feel a little better now, but I wish it was still at 90. I am not on any dietary or fluid restrictions, so I drink plenty of water in the hopes that it will help keep my kidneys moving. It is really hard some days to keep upbeat, but I'm not gonna let it beat me down.

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It is of great interest to me: Steven was diagnosed in Sept.07 with MCD. His GFR was 55 end of Nov.
In Jan'08 it was 50.In Feb. it was 60.
April showed 65. Then July was 35!! At age 71 the normal number is 75 as by age the kidney function declines. His neph. figures that his kidney function
is at 50 percent.....
I am wondering if the prednisone treatment made his kidneys function worse. He was on 80 mg a day and is now at seven and a half mg every other day.
In the meantime he developed a case of gout, now treated with a "hit & run "dosage of 50mg for 5 days. This works ok.
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I haven't had this problem but I will say something that me and my doc discussed. Your GFR can fluctuate do to the amount of work the kidneys are doing, If the kidneys are being overworked, the GFR can increase. If your diet includes a lot of sodium and protein, the kidneys are working hard to process it and that can reflect in your GFR score.

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That has been my problem, since I was diagnosed with FSGS. My protein spill, at its highest, has only been 3g, but my GFR and creatinine has continued to get worse. I got down to a .5 spill, but my kidney function was still going down. I am currently at 26 and they just put me on prednisone 70mg/ ev. other day and added Tekturna, which is supposed to be great. I assume this is all happening due to scarring. They say I only have 10%-20% chance that the prednisone will work, but I have nothing to lose.....except for all of the damage that prednisone causes! lol. It took me a week to get the nerve up to start the prednisone, because I am terrified of the side effects. I know a girl who had to have double hip replacements at age 26 because of it....I already have bad joints, so I am pretty scared of what is to come. BUT- what do you do??? I can't just throw in the towel yet :-)

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Hey all... I just got back from my neph's office and the GFR is back down to 63... My creatinine is up to 1 but my random protein is great! So is the ratio...

I was hoping he could answer me as to why the GFR dropped and he is stumped... He was hoping when I got there that I would be able to tell him! He asked if I had been sick at all or had anything traumatic happen... He asked me lots of questions trying to find anything that might have changed that would let him at least guess at why... There has been nothing... He did say that I may have stopped hyperfiltrating and this is more of my true number...

Where to from here? Well, he wants to take a slightly closer look.. He said I could have another biopsy or just have an ultrasound... He said there is nothing that the biopsy could show that would change our course of action at this time... So, needless to say, I am going to have an ultrasound! (Needed that done in a few months for a cyst on the outside of the kidney) He is going to bring me down to 40 mg of the prednisone... He said the prednisone only helped with the protein and not the creatinine so there was no need to stay on them....So, bye bye to the prednisone!

Well, we will wait and see what the ultrasound shows... Take care all and have a tigger day!

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I just wanted to tell l you that my GFR does up alittle and down alittle. That is pretty normal. I have a chronic kidney failure for almost 4 years now. I don't know why my kidneys are going as they doctors can't give me a reason. When I first was diagnoised my creatine was at 1.8 for about 3 years. As of this past march my creatine went up to 2.0 to 2.2. Now it is at 2.6 to 3.0. I have 18% to 22% kidney function. Just all depends on how well the kidneys are working at the time of the blood test. As you talk about protein in your urine. I never have had much of that.

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