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My name is Rhonda and I am a married mother of 3 and I was diagnosed with osteopina in 2007. My last scan showed that my lower spine and hip area have full blown osteoporosis and I am going to turn 32 this year. In 2005 I had a total hysterectomy and the doctor after the surgery told me that I would likely end up with osteoporosis by 30. She was right. I have chronic lower back pain that will not go away and I have to use pillows at night to help. I feel like the pain i have is getting worse and I know that this disease isnt curable and to be honest im scared. Any advice would be great :)

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Hi there! Don't get discouraged! Don't lose hope! I really have no idea what score is a full blown osteo. But what I know is ...there is hope because God is hope. Change your diet, exercise and take supplements like Calcium/Vit D3 or sunlight? Are you taking any osteo medication and for how long? What is your DEXA score?

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Yes, you have a fight in front of you and you should start it. You are so young that you beat it, but it will take a lot of work.

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Hi osteobelle,

I'm not sure how serious your osteo is, I would like to know more, if that's okay with you.

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I would ask first, was your test a DXA scan or a QCT scan? QCT does overdiagnose at the spine by T-scores and the WHO -2.5 criteria is not to be used with QCT.

Secondly, unless you have compression fractures in your spine, your back pain is not osteoporosis. The loss of calcium from bone is painless. Just as high cholesterol and plaque accumulation in your heart is painless, until you have a heart attack. Humans are known to have more than one unrelated condition or disease going on at the same time.

While estrogen replacement is not recommended for the treatment of osteoporosis in those over 65, I am surprised that your doctor didn't offer hormone replacement after a TAHBSO at such an early age, for at least a few years, or did she?

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Hi RhondaW30

Welcome to the forum. You are so young to have OP, although It comes as a great shock to all of us regardless of our age.

You must think positive. There is much you can do to improve your condition and get your life back to normal. Although we can all help ourselves by eating a healthy diet, taking bone building supplements to include vit D3, Ca, Mg and vit K2, as well as exercise, because of your young age you MUST talk to your doctor or Consultant and work out an appropriate treatment plan for your particular requirements.

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Hi Rhonda,

Osteoporosis and osteopenia are definitely curable. Many on this site have done it themselves. Here are some success stories: ore-success-stories/

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Rhonda, you should buy and read the excellent and inexpensive book "Your Bones," by Lara Pizzorno. It will tell you everything you need to know to cure yourself. She did it, and she has a family history of osteoporosis.

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Hope you have been tested for parathyroid disease. Simple blood test for serum calcium and parathyroid hormone. This could explain rapid deteriortion of bone and bone pain. Are you sure you don't have a compression fracture? I have one or maybe two at present and can't even sleep in a bed because I can't get up out of it. The pain of compression fractures can be awful.

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Ty for all the information I appreciated :) My DEX scan is -2.5 as of a year ago. I did have my spine xrayed and it didnt show a fracture according to the doc but i continue with pain daily :( I am on estradial for hormone replacement and have calcimum carb and D3 but i just dont understand except for the doc telling me that my total hysterectomy is the reason why I have osteoporosis now. I do have a family history of porosis but that wasnt untill my grandmother was in her 60-70s. Im just confused lol

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Calcium carb is not the best form, it's hard to absorb. and you also need Vitamin K2. You can find out more in Lara Pizzorno's book. Be patient. Building bone takes time.

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Smaking and soda will also cause bone loss.

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When you have time, please read my entry on Osteoporosis/Osteopenia. e-and-magic-drugs/

Most importantly, please do not let yourself be 'scared' into doing anything but the following;
You only need time, a change in diet, and plenty of exercise.

Also if you read my own the 'more about me' link on my home page you will see that my own 'bad back' began exactly as yours is...

Take care Rhonda. You are not alone.


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Rhonda, If you are taking estradiol, you might want to consider adding natural progesterone. In most places, you can get it without prescription as a skin cream. Dr. John R. Lee devoted many years of his life to researching and writing about the benefits of natural progesterone. He believed that it was not good to use "unopposed estrogen," estrogen not balanced by progesterone, and that progesterone should always be in "physiologic doses," not pharmacologic doses--i.e. no more than the body would make on its own. He often stated that progesterone is better absorbed if used as a cream than if taken orally.

Dr. Lee used natural progesterone cream (NOT synthetic progestins) by itself for his patients with osteoporosis and had remarkable success.

He also explained many times the dangers of synthetic hormones, stuff like Premarin and Prem-Pro.

His website is here: You can see his books and many of his ideas there.

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Regarding your back pain, please watch this video about Vitamin D. It's a 5-part video, and you will see the other 4 parts when you get to YouTube.

This brilliant neurologist explains the connection between adequate Vitamin D levels (60-80 ug/dl) and deep sleep. Deep sleep, she says, is essential for healing our bodies of many adverse conditions, and we don't get it if our Vitamin D levels are low. If you wake up in the morning in pain, she says, it's a sure sign you did not get the kind of sleep you need.

She advises getting your D levels checked 4 times a year, and points out that levels higher than 80 ug/ml are just as problematic as low levels. When you get sun in the summer, your D level will go up naturally, providing you don't use sunscreen.

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I see that you, like FernM, are in Montana. Livivng that far north, unless you are taking 5000-10,000 iu of Vitamin D, chances are you're deficient. I suggest you get tested right away.

Be sure to add Vitamin K2 when you add Vitamin D, because that puts the calcium into your bones, and keeps it out of your joints, arteries, and breasts.

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Dear Sandy, You need to see a doctor who specialists in Osteprosis(s). There is a therapy (medical) for your situation, it is Forteo.
It costs $1362. per month but good luck in getting it through your insurance, you'll have to fight for it or end up in a wheel chair.

I'm retired and 67 have all the requirements and Humana has turned me down.

Best of luck to you.


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What is a DEXA SCORE?

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A DEXA score is the numerical result of a bone density scan. I'm sure DXAGURU will tell you more. It's what he does for a living.

If you have a DEXA scan done now (you must have had one to get the number 2.5) and then get another in 2 years, you can see your progress in rebuilding your bone density.

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Whoops, I see it's Rhonda who has the -2.5 score, not Sharon.

Sharon, you can cure yourself without Forteo for less than $30 a month, assuming that your bone thinning is not caused by celiac disease or hyperparathyroidsim or some other condition that is not nutrition related.

I increased my bone mineral density (BMD) more than 25% in 5 years. I am now 70, definitely postmenopausal.

I use these 4 essential supplements, all of which are quite inexpensive: strontium citrate, 2 340-mg pills daily in the middle of the night, NOW Full Spectrum Minerals CAPS (contains a very absorbable form of calcium, plus magnesium, manganese, boron, and zinc--all of which are needed for strong bones), Vitamin D3, 4000 i.u.daily (to get your level to 60-80 ug/ml, but no higher), and Vitamin K2. I use Vitacost Ultra Vitamin K with Advanced K2 Complex, available from, and on sale now, buy 1 and get 1 for half price. I take other things too, but I think these 4 would do the job for most people, with the possible addition of more magnesium. I take 375 mg of magnesium taurate daily, which I get from They have strontium citrate on sale now. It's $8.49 for 60 capsules, and you can buy one get one free during the sale. Total cost for everything including Swanson magnesium taurate, 3 pills a day, about $27/month. And that's not counting the sale prices.

My whole story is here: ore-success-stories/

You can learn a great deal on this site, and there's no reason to be in a hurry.

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