Microchip Could Replace Osteoporosis Shots

In a first of its kind study, Massachusetts researchers implanted the experimental microchip in the waistline of seven women with osteoporosis. The chip released precise dosages of the osteoporosis drug teriparatide, commonly known as Forteo, either prescheduled or triggered remotely by radio communication.

http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/health/2012/02/16/microchip-could-replace-osteo porosis-shots/

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Yes, I read this story also. I was on Forteo twice and getting the medication by a chip would have been easier than doing all those injections and having to carry the medication with me when traveling.

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and it then is a slow inject of a carcinogen

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I used forteo and it did not help me in terms of incresing bone density, only protetc from fractures, besides we have to think of side effetcs they had on rats.

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Dear KMF Dallas,
If the microchip poses no side effects, I am all for it. I wonder how much it will cost. I think Forteo right now is around $550 per month. . . with decreased density upon cessation of use and need of a maintenance drug.

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With the bone cancer questions about Forteo, I believe KMF is right in saying that it is just a slow inject of a known carcinogen.

Best to you always.

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@winespritzer...love your screen name:) Where I live Forteo is $1,200. a month retail. If you have an insurance policy that covers this it's cheaper, but still rather expensive copay.

@KMF, I don't think this will happen, but who knows. With the price of the med then the implantation/monitoring, it seems like it would be too expensive. I don't think CMS would ever cover it, but since I think it would be on Part B instead of D, who knows.

I did very well on Forteo with no side effects and I'm not worried about getting bone cancer (osteosarcoma) either. If I took the amount that was given to the test rats, well then maybe, but they also were given it over their entire life and while their bones were still growing; two things humans can't do.

It will be interesting to see where this goes. I think this would work better with less expensive meds, and Eli Lily shows no signs of reducing the cost; in fact it keeps going up from when I started it in 2006.

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Dear All,
Yes, the bottom line is to reduce the possibility of fractures; I have read nothing about carcinogens from expensive Forteo; there are always the ever present possibilities of side effects that we who are in trouble must weigh out for our own bodies.
Today's a sunny day here in the Northeast...so happy thoughts and walking if you can!

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Dear WineSpritzer;
There are just too many references to the links between Forteo and bone cancer to ignore the extremely painful possibilities of that 'side~effect'.
I am enclosing a few- Some will sound like they are toting the drug; then, in the fine print you see the correlation.

There really are NO shortcuts to a modified diet and exercise plan to help our bones.
There is nothing that makes your body [bone] heal faster.
We all need the patience with ourselves that we give to even the tiniest of babes; and we need to treat ourselves with the same tenderness afforded them too.
Simply because we "are worth it".
We are worth every minute of the agony, frustration and pain (mentally, physically and monetarily), that helps us somehow.

Best to you, and happy reading!

-- https://www.inspire.com/groups/national-osteoporosis-foundation/discussion/ scared-of-forteo/
-- http://naturalhealthnews.blogspot.com/2009/10/osteoporosis-drug-forteo-link ed-with.html
-- http://www.healthcentral.com/osteoporosis/c/3807/13773/bone-cancer
-- http://www.betterbones.com/osteoporosis/forteo-bonedrug.aspx
-- http://www.webmd.com/osteoporosis/news/20030404/dont-use-forteo-consumer-gr oup-urges
-- http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/QAA400362/Is-Forteo-a-Better-Bone-Booster.html
-- http://www.onj-net.org/onj-news/osteonecrosis-news-0013.htm
-- http://www.forteoregistry.rti.org/
-- www.forteoregistry.org/
-- http://advancedprostatecancer.net/?p=437
" there is a major concern that Forteo® may actually increase the chance of developing bone cancer. The most likely site for prostate cancer metastasis are bones and with the likelihood that Forteo® encourages bone cancer, men with prostate cancer must avoid the drug like a plague."
-- http://www.fda.gov/downloads/Drugs/DrugSafety/PostmarketDrugSafetyInformati onforPatientsandProviders/UCM173371.pdf
"Cases of bone tumor and osteosarcoma have been reported rarely in the post marketing period..."
I say since it takes so long to form a bone, let alone a bone cancer, many of these side-effects go unreported during the short trial phase.

For [even] more safety information, please see Medication Guide (http://pi.lilly.com/us/forteo-medguide.pdf) and Prescribing Information, including Boxed Warning (http://pi.lilly.com/us/forteo-pi.pdf).

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Thank you muchly, PSput,
On my way to my chiro and I plan to share all your links with him. And while he has disagreed with my endo on the natural approach, he agrees with him on the use of Forteo in 9 months if there is no evidence of increased density ala DXA.
Oh dear. . .

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Thanks Psput for sharing!

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Your "many links" relating Forteo to bone cancer are all basically reporting the same study of bone cancer in rats. One of the articles does supply us with the information:
"So far, only one case of osteosarcoma has been reported among the 250,000 patients for whom Forteo reportedly has been prescribed since it was introduced in 2002. The patient was a woman, postmenopausal, in her second year of treatment and had other serious medical problems in addition to her osteoporosis. She has since died."
Does this mean none of the patients taking Forteo will ever develop bone cancer - maybe there will be some cases. And yes I realize that cancer is slow to appear. For women in their fifties and sixties the chances of many other types of cancer go up with age. My father died of bone cancer secondary to another cancer so I'm under no illusions about the disease. It was not an easy decision for me to start Forteo but after three spinal fractures in two months I felt I had no choice. Several more fractures followed rapidly and I am now severely-disabled and in constant pain. I've now been fracture free for several months hopefully because of forteo. Osteoporosis is can be a very painful debilitating disease. Life expectancy for those with fractures is greatly reduced, particularly the older you get. I know there is a knee jerk reaction to taking drugs with unpleasant side effects - I took myself off Actonel when I had a bit of joint pain- but there is another side to the story if you let this disease progress.

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Well said okiept! I'm sure you and everyone else has read the Cleveland Clinic on Forteo, but here it is again, just in case.

I took Forteo and did really well. I won't post my scores again because it's probably getting very monotonous after 4 years of posting :) Good luck to you and I sure hope you don't have any more fraxs!

Cleveland Clinic on Forteo:

http://www.ccjm.org/content/70/7/585.full.pdf+html?sid=9e07cee4-b325-4378-a f70-e4b2c0b570f2

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Windblown. Thanks for the encouragement.

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I would not agree to microchip delivery of any med until they have a 10 yr history of successful use

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It is our very personal decisions to use or not to use the bisphosphonates, the Forteo, or any other touted "magic potion" to get well.
This company is now under intense scrutiny, investigation, and lawsuits for these now terminally ill people; I am not taking those chances.

Having raised 4 children of my own, and 2 steps, I can only tell you that my patience is unlimited.
Mostly. ;-)

It took me years to get to the point of 25+ fractures. It will take years to undo it all too.
Be that as it is, I will never again look for another magical drug.

> I will take my vitamins, my minerals, and my other homeopathic things-
> I can/have change[d] my diet.
> And I will keep up with exercise, exercise, exercise; until my body is exhausted and my mind is clear.

Will the pain be gone? No.
Will the disease be gone? No.

But I will wait until I cannot move anymore to ever ever go off my regimen now.

I might be slow moving, but I am getting better ALL the time.
And I refuse to die like a rat.
I already know what it is like to be virtually unable to move because of my bones, my joints, etc; and I refuse to go back[wards].

Please keep us updated?

You are most welcome!

Best to all.

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Dear PSput: Hi how are you? I was wondering if you could tell me what company you are referring to in this quote: This company is now under intense scrutiny, investigation, and lawsuits for these now terminally ill people; I am not taking those chances.

I haven't read anything about this in regards to Eli Lily and would love to hear more. Is this who you were referring to? I try to keep up on all the medical/pharma news, so if you could help me I'd really appreciate it. I may have missed something rather important.

Thanks for all your input here! Let me know if you were talking about Eli Lily or maybe you meant Novartis; I'm not sure.

Take Care and best of luck to you on your quest for healthier bones!

Pam (windblown)

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Windblown Pam; ↔ I love that too!
I have been searching (darn dial-up), for quite a while now, and I cannot locate that article!! In fact, the only one that keeps popping up is an article from 2003.
See if you have better luck-?
My original search was "bone cancer" and Forteo.

This is the only close one-
http://www.webmd.com/osteoporosis/news/20030404/dont-use-forteo-consumer-gr oup-urges
But I wouldn't be quoting something that is 9 years old either.
Maybe I am losing my mind? hehehe

I 'had' come across this article a while back also-
That one made me think that I could find the follow-up reports on their tidbit:
"Eli Lilly and Co., the drug's manufacturer, must pay for a 10-year study to see whether patients using Forteo get bone cancer."
Maybe you could find that one for me?
they almost HAVE to have their preliminary results by now... Maybe?

My apologies... Notice how as soon as I speak of "patience" I find mine is flagging a bit while I wait for my "computersaurus" to slowly load the pages for me.

Again Pam, my apologies.


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More about "Forteo"
From http://www.betterbones.com
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------

"Why are there just short-term studies on Forteo, and is it safe?

As the manufacturer reports, the longest studies on the safety and efficacy of Forteo were of only a two-year duration. Why are there only short-term studies on this new drug? There are only short-term studies because in the animal safety studies, Forteo was shown to cause a high incidence of osteosarcoma (a rare malignant, often fatal, bone tumor), as well as osteoblastoma (abnormal mass of tissue in bone) and osteoma (small benign bone lesions). As with all drug safety tests, the drug doses tested were from 3-, 20-, and at times, 60-fold higher than those used in human medications. Notably, bone tumors were observed at all Forteo doses, with the incidence reaching 40–50% in the higher-dose groups.

Given this major safety concern, human trials with this drug were terminated early and guidelines were set to limit the duration of its use in humans. In fact, as the manufacturer specifically states, “The safety and efficacy of Forteo have not been evaluated beyond two years (median 19 months in women and 10 months in men). Consequently, the maximum lifetime exposure to Forteo for an individual patient is 18 months.”
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------

Why now is Forteo being given for longer dosage periods?

Have a grand Sun(ny)day!


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I respect your right to dislike Forteo and not want to put it in your body. Lots on this site have taken or are taking Forteo. Hopefully we are all aware of the rat study by now. I am sure we would all like to know, like Windblown, if this is a true statement "This company is now under intense scrutiny, investigation, and lawsuits for these now terminally ill patients" I remember from another of your posts that the truth is very important to you. Please let us know when you find out if it is true that Eli Lilly is involved in law suits. Please continue to search for the source of this statement or post a correction if you can't find it. I also wasn't aware that Forteo was available for more than two years. Has anybody been given it more than two years?

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Yes, I took Forteo for more than two years but not continuously. There was a couple of years break inbetween.

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