Janet and I were married on a sunny day in September of 1986. We were both middle aged and it was a first marriage for both of us. Janet was small, standing at four foot eight and always weighing in the 85-95 pound range. Years ago she use to dance at Native American Pow Wows, I still have all of her dance costumes. She could play the piano, the flute and the dulcimer. She could type over 100 words a minute, had beautiful hand writing and was a well organized individual. She could also read and write Hebrew.

I have battled macular degeneration my whole life. This condition caused me to have problems with colors, small print and not be able to get a drivers license. With Janet's help I achieved much success and retired from upper management in 2005 from the local transit authority. We enjoyed retirement and saw each day as a new adventure. Our music and new home kept us busy.

After 20 years of good health Janet was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis in 2007. Janet was given Reclast in December of that year for the osteoporosis and had no side effects at all. After a rocky start with the RA by 2009 she was back doing almost everything she had done before the RA. Since we hadn't for a few years, we even talked about taking the Airstream out again this year (2010); yes she could handle that 45 foot rig like a pro.

Her doctor recommended that she take the Reclast again and since she had met her insurance deductible for last year she decided to take her second dose. She had her Reclast infusion on October 8, 2009 and 35 days later she was dead.

I have compiled a journal of the last days of Janet's life. Each of the next 35 days I will post a daily entry from that journal. I hope this posting will save lives and if your doctor is really pushing this drug on you direct then to this site and let them read Janet's Story.

October 8, 2010

One year ago today Janet got ready for her Reclast infusion. She had followed the
pre-infusion instructions and drank lots of water. Her appointment was at 10:20am and by noon the fatal dose of Reclast had been administered.

We came home had lunch and then went out shopping. We went to a department store and the grocery. We had supper and the rest of the evening was uneventful. Janet felt fine. She spent the evening on the computes looking for sheet music.

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So sad to hear that, but I applaud what your doing, making us aware of the side eefect of this drug. That is why I dont watch TV anymore, because commercials are very conving about meds. Also doctors push new meds on us all the time. I pray that God will comfort you and your family on your loss and give you ciorage to continue to live on a mission to save others' lives.
Blessings Nancy08

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I am so very sorry to hear of your lose. You are the second man to write in about loosing his beloved to Reclast. I have e-mailed the FDA about both of you, and hope you will report this too. It sure sounds like a lawsuit for Reclast. Recently, Merck has been sued for Fosamax with a judgement against the drug. I think that the doctors are pushing these drugs, so as to not to get sued if someone fractures after a diagnosis, but the drugs are not much better. I have been on three types, no more and feel so much better. Only natural ways for me. Thanks for your post and your diary of your beloved last days, a wonderful tribute to help others.

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makwa, I read about the other man Wife, I had taken reclase before and had no side effect just like U wife. After reading his story I refuse to take It again. Sorry for your loss and looking forward to reading All about your wife thanks again.

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God bless you for having the strength to write this recount of Janet's final days. It is 35 days today since I had my first Reclast infusion and I feel lucky to be alive, even with my severe side effects. I will read your daily posts and pray for your heart to heal as you grieve this terrible loss.

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I am sorry for your loss and thank you for the courage in sharing Janet's story

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Please keep in mind that privacy is very important on the osteoporosis community. Please do not share information about another community member without consent .

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To sdivas- it's about his wife who has died. Privacy has no issue here.

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When I e-mailed the FDA, I did not use names, just two reports of deaths from members of the Team Inspire web site. The more people that voice their concerns about bad drugs the better.

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Thank you for telling Janet's story and for now sharing your journal with the world.

I am a victim of Reclast also and I can't tell you how grateful I am for your courage to tell janet's story. She was a wonderful, talented, giving human being with so much more life to live and because of this drug, she was taken from her family much too soon. Continue to speak. Continue to tell "Janet's Story" so those who are being prodded to have this drug infused will at least have a better idea about the very serious, very real side effects. And there are so many.

I applaud you makwa. Janet is now telling her story through your words. Thank You for your honesty. God Bless You for what you are doing.

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Please accept my deepest condolences for your terribly sad loss. No words really suffice. I admire your courage in telling Janet's story. It is so important that these stories are heard, and this forum seems an excellent place to do just that. Perhaps in the telling, other lives will be spared. I am listening.


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I am so glad that you are sharing Janet's story with us to remind others what this terrible drug can do to others. I truly believe that out of every bad situation, something good should come out of it. Maybe the good that will come out of all this that happened to Janet is that the FDA will listen and ban this horrible drug, or her story will change several people's minds about taking the Reclast and they won't have to suffer the consequences of Reclast. That's why I continue to share my story in hopes that some good comes out of it.

My prayers are with you and I applaud your courage in being able to share Janet's story, especially with her story being such a tragic one. I know that no amount of words can console you at a time like this, but just know that Janet's story will make a difference in many people's lives. Thank you for being able to share it.



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October 9, 2010

One year ago today Janet had a good day. We got up at our regular time and Janet said she felt fine. We worked in the yard. I mowed the grass and Janet did the trim around the flowers. Janet worked in the RV, making several trips up and down the 14 stairs from the house carrying things. Our house is a split level with the main living area on the upper level, when you come in the front door it is either 7 steps or 7 steps down. Our cat Snoopy likes to go in and out the front door so Janet as usual made several trips up and down the stairs letting him in and out.

That evening Janet played her piano and spent several hours on the computer. At the end of the day Janet still felt fine.

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Thank you for sharing Janet's story with us. I know it must be difficult, but you are doing such a great service to everyone who is being/has been pushed to take this toxic, ill-conceived drug. I'm thinking about you and Janet, and hoping that you'll find at least some small comfort from knowing that we all care. Please know that my heart goes out to you for your unimaginable loss, and I hope you are able to cope a little better, even just a tiny bit, each day, by telling Janet's story. I know she would want you to do it; you are her voice.


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Thank You for your story. I'm so sorry for your lose
I pray that anyone being offered reclast will research it first and refuse to have it. I'm thankful that I'm still alive.

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How do you know the reclast killed her?

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I attempted to get the word out that for people 5' tall or less, you CAN NOT use the T-score. Here is my post of April 19th, 2010. ed/

The very sad thing is that Janet probably had osteoporosis to a much lesser degree than diagnosed by her doctor. I see RED when I think about how uneducated doctors are when people don't fit the norm!

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Thanks so much for Janet's Story. I have not read it all but I sure hope and pray I do not have to go on it. Right now I got off the Alendronate and am taking Strontium, D3, K2, Ca and Boron. I surely hope that is helping. I have already been on Forteo.

The doctor mentioned to me about Reclast if all this does not work. This must have been so hard for you to do, and so brave to write this story for us all. I have already heard from others who got alot of pain from being on it. i already have Fibromyalgia and arthritis and do not need any more.

Sorry, if there is some part of the story that I might have missed as I did say I haven't finished reading it yet, I do not think.

Do you know for sure that her death was definatly a result of the Reclast? No matter what her death was a tragedy, for sure.

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Somehow the rest of my post did not take.
Just wanted to thank you anyway for your strength to write all this about Janet.


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Janet was doing fine before Reclast and all of her doctors can attest to that. The doctor who recommended that she take the drug had seen her on September 28 and she was doing fine with no issues that are flags for Reclast adverse reactions. He filed an adverse reaction report related to Janet’s Reclast infusion and listed it as a fatal event.

The FDA has been notified and is looking into Janet’s death at this time. If anyone has had a serious reaction to this drug you need to file a complaint with the FDA. This is different than a Med-Watch report this is a complaint about the drug and will get much faster action. This complaint needs to be filed with the FDA New Jersey office since the US Novartis headquarters is in New Jersey. The FDA phone number there is 973-331-4917. The lady there is very nice and if you mention a man in Kentucky who lost his wife after Reclast she will be able to link things together. I have no problem with making mention of this post it may save a life.

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October 10, 2010

One year ago today Janet was doing fine. It is a normal uneventful day. Janet showed me the new tune she a learned to play on the piano and she played it well. She worked on her Hebrew writing and spent several hours on the computer studying the Holey Lands as it went alone with her interest in Hebrew.

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