This is an article that was given to me by a friend. It is long but worth a read. If you look closely you wu=ill find many discrepancies. ie: things don't add up...

Much like the FDA meeting on Friday. Where are they getting these statistics, No one there even knew. Guess I'll start my own "study"

We do a poor job as a society of searching for truth. It is so much easier to take something we read at face value , and never question where it came from, or if it is accurate. This is particularly true in medical research, where , we feel that these studies are over our heads, and we can't even get to the original source very often. Drs. just take these statistics for truth... that my friend is a mistake.

Here is the link:

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Thanks for the post. Yes, rather both sides of the coin. What gets me though is ONLY the concern for long-term use. What about all the side effects of ANY use?

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I agree, I think that these drugs are a mistake for everyone, and they should never be used short term , long term , or ever!

That is my opinion, and the more I know, and learn, the more convinced I am of this opinion. Unlike the Drs. and FDA, I have no financial interest in these drugs. Just interest in human life, and the best interest of people.
I believe that these drugs are inexcusable and criminal. I know that sounds extreme, but harming people for profit is criminal!!!

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