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I have chronic upper back pain due to a fall and broken ribs 17 yrs ago. I'm in the process of being tested for osteoporosis. Nothing takes away the pain. The dr recommended I do Pilatus to strengthen the back muscles. How do I know what is the right DVD to buy for the problem?

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you dont untill you found out if you have o.p. you need a teacher that has o.p. traning but you will need a teacher if you do pilat wrong you in for more problems pilat is great but you do not want to do it wrong

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If you have osteoporosis or even osteopenia, you should be very careful with Pilates, as many of the exercises will lead to further compression fractures. In particular, you should not do front flexion (like the Pilates roll-ups), side flexion (like the Pilates spine twist or the saw); you should keep your spine straight and avoid twisting. Modified Pilates could be very beneficial, however. You can Google an excellent article entitled Modifying Pilates for Clients with Osteoporosis. Here's the link: steoporosis
Good luck!

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Thank you so much for the reply and the help. I did not want to jump into anything that can do more harm that good. I will contact Sherri for information. I really appreciate all the help as I am 'new' to this being 'ill'. Thanks again....:)

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Thanks Frozie, I will check out the link.

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Thanks for the info Sandi... Pilates is in my future when I am recovered

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