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An osteoporosis support and discussion community for patients and caregivers to share information about bone density, fractures, osteopenia, and more.

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FernM's journal



Hi; My blood pressure has been running on the high side. When I get my blood pressure taken at the Dr's office I always ask what it is and they tell me but never tell say anything about it being high. It use to be around 120/60 but now it running in the 130's and 140's. I have been watching it at home. The Dr's may not care but I think it is time I try to get it lower. What is the ... Read More

Seeds Grow Flowers.....Thoughts Grow Deeds

Mandymuff's journal



I just ran into a word today, which sparked my interest! The word is "interruptible". In looking it up to find a correct definition, I found it difficult to find a good one, as it seems that the words favorite usage, in this age, has to do with computer programs. put it in layman's English, I would say that it means that a person, or a thing, can be interrupted without ... Read More


National Osteoporosis Foundation

Strengthening Exercise Program for Osteoporosis

In: Exercise and physical therapy




I was diagnosed last week with full osteoporosis of the spine per Dexa-Scan. Mother also had it, with a fracture at age 80, while reaching and ended up w/a Dowager's hump. My head is literally spinning with facts and questionable info from researching. I want to start with a full program of safe strengthening for the spine and rest of the body (osteopenia). Building bone and muscle ... Read More

National Osteoporosis Foundation

Having trouble finding a Mattrress that doesn't hurt me.

In: Pain relief




I have severe osteoporosis snd scoliosis. I am on my seventh mattress since August. Some were returned during trial periods. Others were loaners. They all hurt me when I sleep. Upper back shoulders snd right hip. Just wondering what type of mattress others with these issues sleep on ... Read More

National Osteoporosis Foundation

Help with my Osteoporosis

In: Premenopausal women (ages 25-50) with osteoporosis




Hi All, I have had Osteoporosis since I was 28 but I have really struggled to get any help with it. Doctors are not interested in helping me because its too hard as I was diagnosed so young. I have been back and forward to allot of different doctors, specialists, professors and have had more help talking to people at vitamin stores. I also have polycystic ovarian syndrome and irritable ... Read More

National Osteoporosis Foundation

You CAN do it with vitamins and exercise!!!!

In: Supplements and vitamins




First of all, my name is Linda and I am now 63. I had a scan done last October that showed a t-score of -2.4 at the ap lumbar spine, and a z-score of -0.8. On my left femur neck I had a -2.8 t-score and a z-score of -1.5. In March of last year I started taking AlgaeCal and in May started also taking Biosil Bone Density formula. I also took a multivitamin. (I take these religiously ... Read More

Patients and caregivers are “Experts by Experience”

Brian's journal



Dear members, Today we are excited to announce that Inspire and Mayo Clinic have launched “Experts by Experience” – a series of columns written by patients and caregivers from around the world. The kickoff column is Kindness at the Margins for Caregivers, by patient advocate Renata Louwers. A main purpose of the series is to bring the patient perspective to people who can learn from ... Read More


National Osteoporosis Foundation

A perfect storm for broken bones or for disease-mongering of osteoporosis?

In: Diagnosing osteoporosis




I read the Jane Brody article in the NYTimes called “A Perfect Storm for Broken Bones” with dismay. It could have been written by a pharmaceutical company, it was so pro drugs. Apparently there’s been quite a bit of backlash since then and I came across this article last night. Lorac A perfect storm for broken bones or for disease-mongering of osteoporosis? February 20, 2018 Alan Cassels ... Read More

Anxiety and Aging

Mandymuff's journal



First off........who is "aging"? Is it the people over 50? People over 70? It is neither of those....WE ARE ALL AGING! It has been a long time since I have met a person who is younger than they were yesterday! Oh yes.....some folks can be made to LOOK YOUNGER, but that has nothing to do with this topic. Somewhere around 60 years,(give or take a decade) we start to worry about aging ... Read More

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