Loving your loved one to death...

My Mother went into a deep sleep and slept for 11 days, no one could tell why it happened, estimations are she had a severe bladder infection??? I was her caregiver for 12 months, I had an emergency and had to leave town, she was with my sister and brother, 2 days after I left she fell into a deep sleep for unknown reasons. My thinking is when they removed her and I wasn't around in her normal environment it triggered something, I will never know what the cause is.

Something also happened, she could no longer stand or walk when she awakened so two days after conciousness she was transfered to a rehab center where she regained standing and walking 50 steps, PROFESSIONAL care was what was needed then and NOW. I have since moved out of state and my older and younger siblings are now my Mother's care givers because I am not there. Mom needs Medical care because NO MATTER how much we LOVE her, we are not Proffessionals and at this point in time..What has love got to do with it?

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