After the first treatment

Yesterday Angela has her first treatment and all went very well. It was a very long day. We went in at 8am and did not get home until 930pm. They had to do blood work first then had to get a room for her cause she was unable to do the regular treatment room. Angela is not able to let us know when she has to go to the bathroom and has no cath so a lot of changing has to be done. There was 2 hrs of regular IV fluids, meds to help her not to become sick, 1 1/2 hrs for treatment meds, then another 2 hrs of regular IV fluids to flush everything.

Today she is very weak and just wants to sleep. She does not want to eat so I try to get her to drink a lot of protein drinks and other fluids.

OT just left and will be coming 2x a week to help build her strength. PT will be here next week. Hopefully her nurse will be here sometime today and she will be able to give me some pointers on what to give her to eat and drink.

Other than that Angela is doing OK I just wish I could find some energy for her. She is to have more blood work tomorrow and then on Monday another has been a long week already.

Val and Angela

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