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Hey you all fellow eczema sufferers... I was wondering if someone has experienced very stubborn eczema around the groin area, totally looks like diaper rash only that I am 26 years old!!! I happens to me when I get a flare up, but right now no ointment or cream will make the itching and redness go away and I'm desperate... If you have used a cream or home remedy that helped please share it!

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My 3.5 yr old daughter had itchy redness in groin/ diaper area that seems like diaper rash, even if she didn't use diaper at all. Her dermatologist suggested to use desonide oilment (a mild/moderate prescription topical steroid) to treat. I did not use it. Instead, I tried some diaper rash cream, then switch to CVS zinc oxide ointment. The whole idea in our case is to keep the area clean, dry esp. during night sleep.

Along with other diet changes, such as limit wheat (gluten) intake, she's been much better. But now, she's a little flaring up in that area as well as other areas again. And I suspect it's more or less related to her diet as I was a little relaxed about what she ate in the past few weeks. For example, I gave her more wheat/gluten food, some dairy etc.

Hope this helps a bit.

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My dermatologist told me to try filling up a bathtub with warm water and then add one cup of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (raw and unfiltered from Trader Joe's, Whole Foods Market, or PCC). It's not going to sting or anything because the vinegar gets diluted in the water. If you soak in that for about thirty minutes, it should help with the itching and the inflammation. Raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and also helps to shed the dry outer layer of skin that comes with eczema. I do this for my eczema in my groin and it has helped soften the skin and lessen the itching and inflammation. However, it's going to at least take a week or more of bathing like that everyday if your eczema is severe to see results and at first, and you might think your skin is getting even drier. But when you dry your skin out it sheds the damaged skin from itching to reveal new skin and helps to retain moisture later on. I would suggest moisturizing right away after the bath with Spectrum Organic Crisco (palm oil- from Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe's) because the apple cider vinegar can be drying to some people, especially those with already dry skin. I just add about ten tablespoons of some cold-pressed unfiltered olive oil (from Whole Foods Market) in my bath with the vinegar and the water just to make the bath more moisturizing. It's up to you though... Hope it helps you!

-Jane Lee

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Thanks all for your tips!! I'm doing those vinegar soaks and putting lots of vaseline, crisco and diaper rash ointment to ease the itching I also found out using chamomille to be bery soothing... before I shpwer or going to sleep I soak wash cloths on chamomille infused water and just apply them around all the irritated area and it seems to aleviate the redness and itching thought I might share that with you in case it works for you too...

Detrick...thanks for the link on dermasilk products, I had no idea products like that even existed!! and I'm sure those would be helpful, cause since I was a baby I've had issues with the fabrics and therefore clothing cause they irritate my already irritated skin

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I was reading the post on the Dermasilk garments. I am using the Desonide on my 9 month old, however he continues to suffer from flareups which is almost impossible to control. I am interested in trying the garments to control the flareups. Has anyone on this post tried them and are they effective? Right now I'm keeping him in cotton long oneies to protect his skin from all the scratching and applying vaseline (which seems to be the only regiment that's working with keeping moisture on his skin). Oh yeah and socks to cover his hands.

Thank you in advance for your input and comments.

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Hi, trn:

Please read this post on this board where you can find some feedback about DermaSilk. -to-buy-eczema-clothing-for-kids-in-the-u-s/

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i have the exact same problem and I'm also 26!!! talk about miserable! Oi!

I use desitin. :) Only at night, though. That's when mine's the worst. I make sure I have boyshorts on and the area's clean. Then I put on a thick layer of desitin. I started off with neosporin because I didn't know it was my eczema.... it migrated! LOL!! Good Luck!

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HollyLynn I've tried the AD ointment but never the desitin...which one do you get???? Cause I've seen there are a few presentations... yes it suck so bad!!! when mine gets too bad I wear my husband's boxer briefs lol cause regular underwear kinda rubs against the irritated areas. I've also started to get the underwear that has no elastic or I just cut the elastic off. But I agree with you, for some reason it gets worse at nights... mine has been getting better thanks God.

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haha i tried A&D Ointment too. Desperate times call for desperate measures. It worked for a night but it was smelly and goopy. LOL I use Desitin Maximum Strength. Its got the most zinc w/out a prescription. It works miracles for me. I hope it does for you, as well! :)

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My son is 3 and also tends to flare in his groin area where his undies rub....he wears little toddler boxers. most of the time we can get it back under control with some Protopic and lots of aquaphor. I see that you've had recommendations for Desitin....we haven't tried that since he was a baby...I may have to try it again just to see if it works. If so, it would be nice to minimize his need for the Protopic.

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Badhands--I just came across something in my office and I immediately thought of you. There is something called Tinea Cruris, it's a fungal infection that affects the groin area. I don't know much about it, but maybe something to look in to.

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Amdeut...thanks for the tip, definitely worth looking into it :)

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Detrick, I've checked the Dermasilk web page and I am really interested about it but have you or someone order from the site, because I don't seem to find a way to order to the US

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Detrick, thanks for the info, I'll definitely will get them ,cause i'm tired of this situation and I'm sure that might help better. I appreciate the help :)

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