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still in pain

  • By prsunflower2 · New reply May 27, 2012
  • 15 replies
  • i had my radical hysterectomy 2 weeks ago and im still hurt. my lower back hurts, my arms and my stomache. hey lets not mention really bad gas pains. at first i was just glad surgery was over with.but ...

no sleep

  • By prsunflower2 · Posted May 26, 2012
  • 0 replies
  • i cant remember the last time i slept. last night my back was killing me and my stomach is sore from the surgery. im grateful everything went well but this pain is driving me crazy. some of my family ...

finally getting somewhere!!!!!!!!

  • By alanaclarissa · New reply May 23, 2012
  • 1 reply
  • went to the gyno yesterday. he actually listened to me! my bloodpressure was up to 150/something. last week at the other dr it was 130/92 and my pulse was 107. ive been pretty calm the last few days about ...

Closer to my surgery

  • By Suga284 · New reply May 22, 2012
  • 3 replies
  • Well the time is almost here for my hysterectomy and I am really scared. Everyone tells me it's nothing to be afraid of but everyone is different. Im pretty sure it can't be that bad but just the fact ...

now awaiting a cone biopsy

  • By jbelly · New reply May 20, 2012
  • 8 replies
  • Hi i am a mother of 5 children and i am a nurse i just got a colpo done on april 16 recieved my results on april 23 it read cervical biopsy with moderate dysplasia and endocervical moderate to severe ...

One year since AIS diagnosis & New Issues

  • By JBabeMom · New reply May 20, 2012
  • 1 reply
  • One year ago I was given my diagnosis. The diagnosis that changed my life. Since then I have had my world turned upside down! I have had surgery and had 2 "clean" re checks. My most recent one (done 2 ...

Expiration dates...

  • By LetmeLiveFree · New reply May 19, 2012
  • 11 replies
  • Twenty one... If i was asked in 2008 if i thought i'd make it to 21 there would have been no hesitation in saying "Well duh of course!" In 2010 if i was asked if i'd see my 21st birthday there was a pause ...

So , so , many Questions.

  • By HizRed1 · New reply May 17, 2012
  • 9 replies
  • my goodness , how confused,concerned,and scared I am. last Year on April 4, 2011 I was told I had cervical cancer. I did not know what stage,or even what to ask my doctor. I just knew that Dr. Decesar ...


  • By Gretch16 · New reply May 17, 2012
  • 11 replies
  • Wow! I'm having my radical hysterectomy Monday and I am petrified. I am worried about recovery but mostly concerned that this will not be the end of it. Radiation and/or Chemo are a 50/50 chance @ this ...

It's about time...

  • By LetmeLiveFree · New reply May 14, 2012
  • 1 reply
  • Some people would probably say if you're going to document your journey with a battle, wouldn't you start at the beginning? Then the question, why would she wait three years after being diagnosed? Well ...


  • By nishalove · New reply May 13, 2012
  • 2 replies
  • I wanna know if there is hope that there will be a cure for hpv. And I hope there is one for lupus also...but I really want one for hpv ...

my results

  • By zenjo · New reply May 12, 2012
  • 14 replies
  • Omg I can't believe it.... After being diagnosed last September with stage 3b cancer of the cervix... had 6 weeks of radiotherapy and chemo and 50 hours of ldr brachytherapy. I had a pet scan last week ...


  • By prsunflower2 · New reply May 11, 2012
  • 3 replies
  • had a radical hysterectomy done on tuesday and came home today i am frustrated and have anxiety. i have a foley on til next friday and i keep going to the bathroom. haven't seen my baby in 3 days. just ...

Finished Chemo

  • By Harley374 · New reply May 11, 2012
  • 5 replies
  • This tuesday was week 6 and my last planned chemo treatment along with my 25th radiation treatment. I am scheduled to do my internal radiation on Monday and will be in the hospital until Wed. I have to ...

CKC results tomorrow

  • By rc13 · New reply May 11, 2012
  • 6 replies
  • This has been one heck of journey starting feb '12... Went in for pap check up and iud replacement, only to find out I had/ have CIN3; which was then confirmed by colposcopy. Fast forward to last Friday ...

When it Rains it pours

  • By prsunflower2 · New reply May 10, 2012
  • 6 replies
  • My radical hysterectomy is May 8th, afraid as ever. But the hits keep coming. I pray to God every single day. Im hoping for some type of miracle ...

still here

  • By JIB53 · New reply May 4, 2012
  • 1 reply
  • hi I had my surgery in July 2011 and have been in hospital since all but 5 weeks. It's been a difficult journey and lots of complications. Had a further surgery in January 2012 and developed a fistula ...

Another Surgery!!

  • By Bexy1234 · New reply May 4, 2012
  • 7 replies
  • It's been decided......I went to see the specialist today for my endometriosis and as long as the VA approves everything, I will be having surgery on June 5th. He is going to repair the damages to the ...

HPV Positive 3 years

  • By DEF3456 · Posted May 3, 2012
  • 0 replies
  • It's been 3 years and I am still testing positive for high risk HPV. Doctor called today and said we need to do a colposcopy June 2nd. Pap smear also came back mildly abnormal. From all my research and ...

Wednesday to the Specialist

  • By Bexy1234 · New reply May 1, 2012
  • 3 replies
  • I go tomorrow to see the fertility specialist about all the damage going on with my body. I am feeling like complete and utter crap today, as I have been for the last few days. I hate this. I don't know ...

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