...First Post LEEP Pap test results are in...

I received my test results in the mail today....and to my dismay it was not the wonderful news I had so hoped and prayed to hear. The dysplasia is back, not severe as it was before the LEEP, but it came back as low grade dysplasia...I'm back to where I started with all this mess....6 more months of waiting til my next exam....a future that isn't free of more biospies and/or surgeries....I just want to be normal again...I WANT MY LIFE BACK! I'M SO TIRED AND SICK OF WORRYING...CRYING....AND FEELING LIKE THIS WILL NEVER END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEN WILL IT ALL END???? I'm a complete mess right now!!!! How do I cope..how do I muster up even more strength for this? I know that it being low grade is the silver lining..but it isn't what I wanted! Have any of you had this happen and if so, how long til it came back normal for you?

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