pregnant while CIN 3, help!

Hello, here is my story, I was diagnosed CIN 3 when I 6 weeks pregnant this year. And I was referred to a couple of colposopies after. and the dr said it was not cancer yet and wont take that quick to change when I was 20 weeks pregnant. now I am 35 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I have talked to some of the friends who have similar situation and was told that if I got worse already and I did know and give birth naturally, and bad cells broken during the labour, the virus will spreadout all over my body and no chance to live any more... i am scared now. is there any one who have had the similar situation as mine ? is it better to give birth nanturally or get a C section?

Thank you!!

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What wonderful friends you have!! Glad they are not mine! The only people you should be listening to right now are your doctors and nurses who know far more about what they are doing than your friends.
You have not been diagnosed with cancer, and you will soon have a new life, in your life, and that is all you should be thinking of right now.
The joy of new motherhood is wonderful, so go ahead and enjoy it.

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Your friends need to do some research asap! No you will not have cells break off and kill you thats ridiculous! Yes if you have cin lll at the beginning of your pregnancy it may have advanced to invasive cancer by the time your done being pregnant but theres really a small chance of that as it usually takes years for cin lll to turn into invasive cancer. Dont listen to your friends! Just make sure when you do have the baby you get treatment as soon as possible I think the 6 week mark theyll probably do a colposcopy. I cant even believe your friends told you that its so wrong!

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