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I decided to get the Gardisil vaccine.I have never had an abnornal pap.Im getting deployed very soon and needed a pap done.I already had the first two rounds of the vaccine and was going to get the third and final after my pap.Low and behold my pap just came back abnormal and I discovered that I had low cell changes,so I just opted to have the vaporizarion surgery last thursday.The procedure was not painful at all other than the discharge it seems fine I havent even really had that much cramping.Now im in a state of panic because I have to produce my pap results to the military and im afraid this will delay or even disqualify me for my deployment!Is there anyone who can offer some insight to this?Im really scared and embarrased to have to explain this to the military and I really want to get deployed.

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Is their any female military personal in ur unit u can talk to if a problem arrises? Any when u deploy, will u be at a camp with some sort of clinic and I'm wondering how long is ur deployment? 6,12,18 months ? This is very important, cause that low grade can change fast like mines did in a mater of 9 months to a severe state with no resources for u were u are stationed at, I would be more concerned about my health. Cause no one except for yourself, espcially the military is going to care.

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