I am so confused and dont really know whats going on so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am 28 years old and have had abnormal paps every since I was 20. I have almost became immuned to them. I have had to go for check ups every 3-6 months since then. I have had 3 copos done and 3 biopsies and the drs always say it comes back mild enough to just watch. I went to the doctor and January and had a copo and biopsy done, but everything was still mild. I went back for my six month and july and was pretty much prepared for it to be abnormal, but this time it came back high risk. I was shocked that in six months it progressed this much. I am scheduled for a leep procedure and am exhausted from all this. I have read all the information for what they do, but I have been dealing with this for 8 yrs and it has never progressed so fast. Just wondering if anyone has been in this similar postion and how bad does it have to be before they decide to the leep. I have no children that I want oh so desperatly so all this is very frustrating thanks for any advice.

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There are many postings already on this topic. I suggest you read postings on this site and find a few people who had similar issues. Then read their profiles and journals to see how they handled it. You can read mine if you like. A good education in HPV is essential, since you probably have HPV although you did not mention it. And perhaps you have one of the cancer-causing strains, since your abnormal cells recently changed so quickly.

No doctor will solve your HPV problem for good, that is up to you. You can get well but surgery alone won't do that. Here are two good explanations of what probably is causing your problems and how you can fight the virus so you can avoid infertility or worse. Best of luck, you are on the right site.



http://www.asccp.org/PracticeManagement/HPV/NaturalHistoryofHPV/tabid/5962/ Default.aspx

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Thanks for the reply and I have read many other discusions. The only difference is I have not had one doctor mention anything about me having hpv throughout the 8 yrs this has been going on. It has never been a topic, do they usually tell you this or is it something you have to ask about.

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I have always tested negative for any stds. Is there other things that cause this???

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It is important to figure out the cause, because the information can help you can stop the dysplasia from returning and getting worse.

HPV is by far the most common cause, but it is so common (and can be transmitted orally) that some doctors don't refer to it as an STD (my first doctor, for example). Did your tests show negative for HPV? If I were you, I would definitely request a copy of all test results. You want to know what you are dealing with. BTW, if you do have HPV and have NOT been told, I would change doctors! This is basic information a woman needs to get proper treatment. HPV causes 99% of cervical cancers.

With or without HPV, there are many factors involved in cervical dysplasia, including lifestyle, which is why I now get treated by a naturopath who has had success in healing lesions so that Pap smears are clear and HPV no longer can be detected in tests. (HPV can go dormant for many years, though.) The more risk factors you have, the more vulnerable you are to dysplasia. And the healthier your lifestyle, the better your body can heal and avoid dysplasia recurrences. My naturopath says her only failures in clearing dysplasia have been in smokers, although women with multiple sex partners are a big challenge who require repeated treatments.

Hope the following helps you -- I copied it from this website: http://www.umm.edu/altmed/articles/cervical-dysplasia-000034.htm

Why Do Women Get Cervical Dysplasia?

The precise cause of cervical dysplasia is not known. Studies have found a strong association between cervical dysplasia and infection with HPV.

Risk Factors: The following may increase a person's risk for developing cervical dysplasia:
•Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection
•Genital warts
•Being sexually active at a younger age (younger than 18 years old)
•Giving birth before age 16
•Having multiple sexual partners
•Having a partner whose former partner had cervical cancer
•History of one or more sexually transmitted diseases, such as genital herpes or HIV
•Having suppressed immune system, such as from HIV or chemotherapy to treat cancer
•Using birth control pills for longer than 5 years
•Being born to a mother who took diethylstilbestrol (DES) to become pregnant or to sustain pregnancy. This drug was used many years ago to promote pregnancy but it is no longer used for these purposes.
•Low levels of folate (vitamin B9) in red blood cells
•Dietary deficiencies in vitamin A, beta-carotene, selenium, vitamin E, and vitamin C (scientific data is not entirely conclusive at this time; see section on Nutrition and Dietary Supplements)


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I dont know I guess I just need to get a copy of all my medical records. I have asked numerous times if there is anything specific that is causing this and always get the answer of no, and its just always come back in 3 months or schedule a copo. I'm just so frustrated and have no guidance I am going to be a little more assertive in this next visit, which luckily I am seeing a higher up doctor that doesn't even practice the gynocology anymore only in special cases so maybe he can provide me with more information. But at the same time hate the fact I am going to someone new to do this, but supposedly he is very good. I am exhausted not to mention the dr bills that add up.

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Good luck with that, I think it is the assertive patient who has the best chance of getting completely well.

As for medical costs, I am spending over $2k out-of-pocket (naturopath/nutritionist) on my escharotic treatments and supplements. Meanwhile, I have been losing a pound a week and feeling more energetic. So maybe getting dysplasia has been a boon to my health.


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I am very interested in the homepathic treatement you are doing and want to do this after they remove what they have to after the leep procedure. I am one of those people who was born to be a mommy, my number one goal in life and it kills me to think that the one thing I want more than anything could be stripped away from me. If you dont mind you could message me with info I am fairly healthy and eat mostly healthy. I am tired of drs and want to fix as much of this myself as I can because honestly I never know whats going on. I do believe our life style can infuse cancer though I would prefer a long term fix compared to a quick one.

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I am having a LEEP done this week for CIN3.

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Good for you, I think taking responsibility for getting well is essential to long term good health.

I am a tech researcher by training so was cynical about "natural healing." But after my LEEP caused scarring and the virus came back worse than ever, my friends who have gotten well convinced me to try alternative paths. They got well, why not me? I searched hard for the best certified ND in my city, and am so glad I found her. My naturopath has a 4-year degree in nutrition, a PH.D in naturopathic medicine, and is a certified midwife. She specializes in women's issues, and goes beyond homeopathic advice. She has helped women protect and enhance their fertility even as they treated HPV and other medical conditions. She collaborates effectively with other medical professionals including my gyno/oncologist.

One of the things my ND did is take a very detailed family history, asking questions nobody ever asked me before. Through this she identified foods and supplements I needed and did not need. Every person is different, so my regime might differ from yours. For example, I have good cholesterol and blood pressure, and bleed easily, so do not take a lot of turmeric and resveratrol as I was doing on my own. I now take DIM more than I3C to avoid issues there. Etcetera. You can read my journal if you like.


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So I had my leep procedure done monday, wasn't to for sure about it until I talked with my doctor. He honestly was the best caring, honest, and answered every question I had, he probably spent 20 minutes just talking to me explaining everything and answereing questions. As for the procedure it was a breeze compared to all the biopsies I have had. The worst part was the numbing shot and not actually the shot but the fact that it made her heart race my body was trembling all over. He took out what he said was a small lesion, and fingers crossed it don't come back. I left the office feeling pretty good about everything, until it all sank in. He told me to come back every 3 months for the next year and if I get a normal pap for a year after that I should try to have a child in the next two years if I want one before it progressed more. Scared because it went from low grade in january to high grade in july and progressed so fast, and can't even remember the last time I had a normal one. Guess its just a waiting game now. I am going to see a homeopathic doctor as soon as I can find one to try to fight it off as much as I can.

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also any advice on why he told me about the certain time frame to have children would be appreciated

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