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As some of you may know I was recently diagnosed with a 'blocked' ureter. I had to have a kidney stent placed in my left ureter for hydronephrosis.... a fancy word for a swollen kidney....
Anyway, to make a long story short... all 4 of my Drs assure me that it is radiation adhesions that has 'blocked' or rather compressed my ureter. I have not read about alot of women that have this side affect. I have read about TUMORS compressing the ureter but my scans show that I hav no tumors. I just had my scans on feb 8th and except for a slight scare on the pet scan which was suspicious for mets because of the inflamed ureter...other than that all was fine. I had a follow up CT scan as requested by the reading radiologist to confirm his suspicions but it didn't show any soft tissue masses just the enlarged ureter so I was declared cancer free again! Woop Woop! My radiologist said while a pet scan is HIGHLY effective in detecting even minute also picks up things that aren't there that would signal a possible recurrance. He said all we can do is follow up on any and all suspicions which we have.
He said we 'don't want to bury our heads in the sand' but feels very confident that I am suffering from adhesions.
I was told that the stent would come out on April 20th in my urologist's office..( OUCH!!!) Don't sound like much fun to me.....
I haven't had any issues with the stent and as soon as it was placed I noticed a massive improvement on my pain. Could have been the fentynol??? LOL!
I am just curious if anyone else on here suffers rom scar tissue blocking their ureters? Also how long will a stent have to stay in normally?? I was told just 6 weeks.I have read where some have them for life??? I was also wondering if a urologist could tell if it was a tumor or scar tissue?? He talked with my hubby after surgery and told him " no cancer-scar tissue".I was jhust curious how he could tell??
I also still have some occassional hip pain and they seem to think it may be coming from my ureter and the inflammation???
My ureter was blocked at the pelvic brim right behind the bone... I could even see the blockage on the scan nor could my urologist. It was just swollen above and normal below the pelvic bone there. I ahve had all 3 scan...mri,pet and ct recently and seem to be finr except for alot of scar tissue.
Anyone else in this boat?? I really need to hear from even one person who's ureters became involved...
All I can find is late stage cancer that blockes ureters not scar it this rare???
Hope you all are doing well and for those who are battling the beast...I hope you're kicking cancer's ass!!!

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Hi, Beegee,

I am sad to read of this new problem. I have had similar problems, but have never had a stent recommended.

I have had more problems with my urethra, which was a site of recurrence as well as having some radiation damage. I have had period "dilations" of my urethra to keep it open, but I personally think that these also damage the tissue in the long run.

I do not think is is "rare", but I have read about ureter scaring in the past, when several of the medical journals were still open access and not yet closed to the general public.

Right now, I see several articles in restricted access journals, which seem to discuss the problem associated with radiation for prostate cancer more than cervical cancer (not surprising - men's prostate issues are SO much more important than women's cervical issues).

Here are the search keywords I used:

pelvic radiation effects adhesion ureter

Best wishes for success with the stent. Keep us posted!

Regards & be well.

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Thanks Vineketa!! I have done some web searches and I too comeupon MEN'S prostate issues and closed medical journals. I have read of a few gals who have suffered from rad damage and have stents. I was hoping itsmygolieth would pop in...I think she has stents and rad damage was the cause of her blockage??? I could be wrong.....
I would think that continued dialation would create more scarring to. Hmm...interesting!
I really don't have any issues with my stent other than an occassional 'twinge~~~for lack of better words and the worry of it all. My urologist said 6~8 weeks and it would be over and my radiologist said maybe for life. If so I want the stent that last for a year....I hate going under!!!

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Hi Beege, I'm sorry to hear you had to have a kidney stent. I think it is a permanent thing, and that they need to be replaced from time to time. I really don't know that much about them and hope you find the answers you need. It sounds like your ureter was in the radiation "fry" zone, and was damaged. It is good to hear their is no sign of cancer, and I believe you have reached your two yr. cancer-free anniversary. That is wonderful.

I will hit the two yr. mark in June. I have some scar tissue to my bowels, and suffered a sacral insufficiency fracture due to radiation therapy. It seems to vary in everyone what the radiation can/will do. Hopefully it will kill all the cancer in our bodies. We just need to somehow cope and deal with the radiation side effects.

Best wishes to you, and hopefully you don't need to have the stent replaced often!

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hello this is story and i just wanted to say that i'm so happy for you.woop,woop cancer free.stay go girl,dont let nothing get you down,keep you'r head as high as the sky..

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Hi Beege,

I'm happy your cancer free:) WONDERFUL!!!! I'm also sorry you have to deal with kidney issues...SUCKS!!!!!

My gyno/onco ordered a CT scan during my inital consult with him. The CT showed I had a congential defect/obstruction in the right kidney/ureter. Apparently, my right ureter is S shaped instead of straight. So, when urine leaves the kidney, it collects in a pouch that looks like a ballon. My kidney created this to compensate for the defect. I had an IVP and several cystscopy's and so far, I don't have to have stent's. Urologist said the day may come sooner because of the neurological problem I now have from surgery (he didn't specifically say it was caused from my rad/hys but he doesn't have to, I know what it's from). I am still without any bladder sensation's but have urethral sensation's (thank god). As a result, I have to self-cath to empty my bladder. Urologist said it's important to empty to prevent kidney stone formation. Which could damage the kidneys (right one especially) and I don't need that.

I have been off antibiotics now for a little over three week's and I'm thrilled!!!! This is the longest I've gone off of them and I thought the day would never come because, I have been on them since Aug. 2009. I still have stinging and soreness in my urethra but it's nowhere near as bad as it use to be (again, thank god). When the stinging and soreness does happen, it's sometimes from me straining to empty my bladder. I take medication to relieve it if it becomes to painful. Urologist said it could take up to two years for normal sensations to resume in my bladder. He said it is possible that it may never happen also. I do feel a little more positive about that happening since I am not having the horrible stinging and soreness in my uretrha like I use too:) However, I'm not letting my hopes get too high, it's just way too disappointing:(

I'm concerned because I have taken alot of Ibuprofen over the last ten years and I wonder if this has any contributing factor's?? I need to ask urologist and I will. I am finally free from seeing him so often and I'm not in any hurry to start it up again...I'm totally sick of doctors, seriously!!!

Thanks for sharing your information which will be useful for me should the day come when I will need stent's:) It's_my_goliath, posted some really detailed information about her experience's with stent's. I truly thank her for that too:)

I wish you the very best:)

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Hi! If you didn't see the stent stuff I talked about before, let me know. I don't want to re-has the whole thing if you can find it.

Basically my tumor was forcing my ureters closed, then radiation turned that tissue into scar tissue and it's still doing the same...pushing it closed. After I initially got done with radiation they took the stents out. B/c they were so painful for me. Well, I started having alot of abdominal pain, blood test and an ultrasound later showed blockage again.

So, if they do take them out make sure they monitor you closely for the first few months to make sure no problems occur. My docs didn't really do it, I had to insist upon it.

Mine are for life.

Oh and it seems more common with ovarian cancer patients to have this happen, so might want to check on that forum in this site or search online with ovarian and ureter stents.

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ps---probably not the fent. that fixed your pain probably the kidney being allowed to drain properly did. My one kidney is enlarged now from being bloated so much and it's very, very painful all the time. Initially when I get new stents it eases the pain a bit though.

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