Inflammation, autoimmune, HPV and calm

So why do only a quarter of women infected with HPV end up having abnormal PAPs and worse? Why do we not clear it? I welcome your observations. Mine follow.

A theme I have seen in myself and friends with dysplasia is fatigue and bad diet. Caused by too much sugar (for energy), too much fat in food and then on the body especially in the torso (reflecting cortisol from stress), consumption of foods that irritate our body (can be milk, gluten, corn, and animals fed these foods), not enough sleep, not enough exercise, and too much worry.

All of these factors cause inflammation in the body. Arteries, organs, blood cells. And that inflammation can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and susceptibility to many other diseases.

Inflammation puts your body into fighting mode. Over time, autoimmune problems can take over as the body over-reacts to everything. Psoriasis, thyroid failure, gall bladder problems, liver problems, kidney problems, gum and dental problems, you name it.

And the body can go into give-up mode, getting infected easily by any virus that comes along. Or helpful doctors can put you on immune-suppressant drugs (as I had), and make you a pushover for HPV and worse. (Yes, there is worse.)

No doctor can fix everything for us. I know I have to take responsibility. My goal is to start at the source of all my medical problems, by fighting inflammation. But for me, the struggle is to achieve calm internally. Type A, co-dependent, compulsive about closure... it is so hard to break a lifetime of habits.

What do you do to be calm?

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It is hard to know why some men/women clear this virus and others do not. Since it is a virus it falls into same category as other virus illnesses. For example the common cold, some can go on with daily routine as if it's nothing, while others feel like they've been hit by a bus. I personally believe it has a great deal to do with your immune system. If you have a good/great immune system, I believe you are much more likely to 'rid' yourself of virus, forcing it into dortmancy and preventing it from progressing into more serious diseases. My oncologist has also told me that there may in fact be a genetic trait which prevents persons from being able to fight the virus. This can be demonstrated by many women on here who have stated that their grandmothers,mothers,sisters,aunts etc have all had cervical/hpv related cancers or other issues. It does seem to be strongly maternal. But, since there is no test for men for hpv and because men rarely display any symptoms when infected, I think this is why it is not related as a 'male' issue as well. But, it most definitely is. Well, this is just my opinion and info I've been told.

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Great post! I very much agree.

Things that calm me are yoga, meditation, yoga, and tea!

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I agree, there probably is a genetic tendency to fend off or not fend off certain viruses.
We do what we can :)

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