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Would you like more information about incontinence for men or women?
Articles about incontinence?
FDA Updates?
New medications?
Please share and I will do my best to accomodate your requests.

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I am curious about low testosterone and male incontinence. If a guy starts HRT would that help with incontinence?


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I am new here and would like to discuss about bedwetting

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what do you want to talk about set your alarm don't drink before bed put a pad on the bed and wear a diaper.

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Thanks a lot!! I will definitely try it out. Recently I heard about an alarm called Chummie which works within 6 weeks like magic. I have started using it for my daughter. Will surely let all know abt its effects.

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I am a female who has had an AMS 800 artificial urinary sphincter implanted just over 2 years now for severe urinary incontinence. I have been unable to be in contact with another female with the same implant to see how they are coping. I live in Australia, and would love to find someone to compare notes with. Thanx Vicki

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Hi Sara364 -
If you search the forum you will find discussion threads on bedwetting. Additionally, the NAFC website has some information on pediatric and adult bedwetting:
Hope this helps.

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Have you had prostate cancer or an enlarged prostate? Then read here:
Otherwise I have not heard of taking HRT to help with incontinence.
Email me at if you want to continue this discussion further.
NAFC Health Educator

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