trying to stay up beat

not until this past sept. did i know that i had ms. but for years had systoms. . . that did not fit my sle lupus systoms.i thiught things couldn't get worse but found out they can. i really did not know that you can have lupus and ms. but with the cold weather whichnis hard on me with having raynauds from having lupus. i can't breath if i turn up the heat but if i get cold i turn blue. it is so hard to to get things going as if what i try for one thing to get comfortable the other gets worse. and my dry mouth from sjogerns diease.along with dizziness. and can't walk steady and can't pull myself up from a chair or sofa.and trying to work when i can't remember what i did from one minute to the next.and my neuro say that i am fine. you shouldn't have pain from ms or lupus. where do doc's get their traning.and ringing in my ear's it is hard to hear what people are saying. but with so much to do how can i stay calm and not be so stressed. and it all makes ms and lupus worse. but a full time job in health care that alone is stressful. and i guess that is why i try to say as little to my doc because they listen with a grain of salt....and you say one thiong they say you said something different. when i am in the exam room the doc gets so many calls about going out of town or planning a dinner party or what ever . that i feel that i am in his way.after hangs up he feels that the exam is over when it didn't take place in the first place. i am going no where in getting treatment..... and trying to stay up beat but sure is hard.... with all the woes that i am having. if another doc was in this area i woulkd change.what is aperson to do.

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