I was feeling pretty good lately. Finally getting myself together to go back to the gym. It's been a week. But then an unexpected drop of rain fell on me. My son decided not to visit me to go swimming. He didn't feel like it.

At first, it was ok. Moments and then minutes and pow. I burst into tears. I didn't realize how much I was looking forward to spending time with him. He is 12 and lives with his dad (my choice). My husband and I are separated.

At least I seemed to rebound after a nap. That was good anyway. My emotions finally feel tethered, at least for now.

Now please don't tell me to put my faith or belief somewhere, my illness is not there....most of my problems of late seem to do with my meds not having the effects they once did.

My illness is kept reigned in by proper medication and having that work successfully. My "Mrs Hyde" is showing.

I lost a friend last year, though it feels like last week. He couldn't stand my moods shifting and not being able to "predict" what my responses were. I was floored. That is a big key to my recovery as of late.

I write this here, but am also posting to my blog. I find this public journal soothing to my soul, and good for the Dr. Jekyll in me to view later and ponder my trail.

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