Question about disability, ssi, etc.

I am currently on disability, possibly coming up for review in October. I've read and known people who weren't contacted and still received their benefits. I am hoping if I do come up for review that they will give me permanent disability. Since my fiance left me out of nowhere I have been living with my parents. I am saving up to be able to move out on my own in the fall, because this arrangement isn't working all that great.

Money is going to be really unbelievably tight. I was wondering if anyone knows, if those on permanent disability receive more money than those on temporary or whatever it's called that I am on currently.

My parents have said they will help me out with money if I need when I move out, but I am hoping permanent disability pays out even a little more so they don't have too. I have a lot of different health conditions that prevent me from working and it's really frustrating, especially at 25.

Any help or information would be greatly appreciated!

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