Please Let Me Die

If only suicide didn't have such a high failure rate.

Quote from my parents upon finding out that I suffer from depression: "Don't kill yourself. What will we do without you?" Because clearly I should suffer for them.

I'm not a masochist. I don't cut myself or anything like that. And if I was to do that, I would do so to end it all. But it almost never works, and I'm not taking that risk only to be in a hospital for the rest of my life.

Kind of stupid that we can't end ourselves easily. Our bodies want to live, even if our minds do not. It doesn't have the smarts to realize that it exists for no reason and shuts itself down. Because there's a lot of people like me who understand that they are worthless and unloved.

Besides, why would I want to live in a world where people like Justin Bieber exist?

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