One Last Hurrah

Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be 18, but today I shall enjoy the company of Michael, Sari, and Chris.

Thursday I went to "Evil days" in Butte with Chris and we met up with Michael and Nate. Chris and Nate became friends and Michael and I got moved into our place. We hung out all day and to my surprise Chris is much more relaxed now.

Friday, I wasn't sure what to do so I posted on facebook about needing someone to hang with. Sari said Here, Now and off I went. I thought I was going to be working, but instead I had a girls day with a very good friend. We couldn't stop laughing while we hung out during Whitehall's Frontier days.

Today, Saturday, Chris had to go work at Walmart and after his shift he will pick up Michael and bring him to Whitehall for another day of Frontier days. Tonight the theatre is having a free double feature. The first will be How to Train Your Dragon and the next is Independence Day.

Tomorrow, Sunday, I will have Sari come over and have ice cream with my family. I'd ask Michael, but I know he can't get a ride over the pass.

Monday, I have the horse ranch, moving the last of my things to storage and an appt with my Voc. Rehab guy.

My next few days I will work on my big post about my family and everything that has happened. Here is the update in case I'm not on in a few days. :)

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