Believe A Myth

There is a myth that says if you feel true sorrow and your sadness is deep, that the sky will cry with you. As far as I'm concerned it's true. I've had those moments where I sit and cry. I feel to weak to move and all my sorrow hits me at once. Each time this happens it has rained. Recently I haven't had time to cry, haven't had time to think about whats been done. Each night around 6pm when my meds wear off and I'm left to my mind, it rains. The times have all been within an hour of each other. Montana is going through a dry spell, storms are not predicted, yet these moments when I feel so overwhelmed, it rains. When it rains I stop everything and go outside. I stand on my patio and the rain takes my tears. After so many years of anger, disappointment, and sadness I have no tears left to shed. The rain drops are my tears, each one colder than the last. The chill winds push against me and it's as if they are the harsh words I've listened to, the strikes against my small frame. The whispering pines on the mountain above sooth me as if taking my heart and showing the kindness I deserve. The rain falls harder as I scream out at God, wondering why I've lived in such Hell. It softens as I forgive those who have done me wrong and as I ask God for the strength that I lose each day. The sun comes out drying me and as I sit there I feel peace again.

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