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They took my kids and i don't like them at all i was going through my sickness at the time and i was on medication that was'nt for me when they took me to court.

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I'm sorry to hear that you are going through that. My children were temporary placed with there dad because i had a breakdown and tried to commit suicide. I also suffer from PTSD and Schizzo-Affective disorder. Although my children had been with me since they were born. it was so easy for them to place them with there father although, he wasn't communicating with them at the time or paying child support. My situation have improved and i believe yours will too. Stay strong and get the help you need because if you are not doing well, you will not be any good to your little ones. I would also advise you to try and hire a good attorney being that the medicine they prescribed made you worse. I too have experienced this plenty of times. It is very unfair that this happened to you.

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