Depression...suicidal tendencies, i dont know what all is wrong.

My dad was diagnosed with cancer a couple of months ago, hes doing fine for now, but since his diagnosis life has woken me up to an ugly reality....reality of of diseases. Since young i had a fear of death, u know the absolute nothingness this fear has returned and i cannot sleep well..i am in bed for a long time, but sleep is on and off...i know i am in depression, i fit all the symptoms. i dont know what to do, i seeked help online, and there are websites proclaiming about the afterlife and such, i dont know...i havent experienced anything, so how can i believe in hearsay. Funny thing is, im afraid of death, but i get suicidal tendencies these 25 right now, i have good about 30-40 yrs in my life to go, unless some illness or such cuts me short...when i think about such a long time i feel scared, i feel so scared...i dont know what all is wrong with sorry if im making no sense...its actually ironic, how the one thing man fears, he runs into it head on..

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I am very sorry to hear about your father and am equally concerned what you are going through. Please get some medical advice as soon as possible. Everybody is afraid of death but they feel strong when they have faith in something. Let me know how I can help.

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Hi, I am glad that you are reaching out somewhere and do hope that wherever you are living you reach out for help there too. Please do not rely upon the internet for your resources. Whilst you can find valuable information and support you are losing out on the benefit of human contact.

You ask about NLP and how useful it is in helping with phobias and depression. The answer to this depends upon many things, two being the most prominent are: your willingness to try new things and to 'give it a go' and the other being the resourcefulness and skill of the person working with you - the NLP qualified person.

NLP techniques are based on a wide range of skills collected and refined by experts to suit your needs. There are however a lot of people who use NLP who have become excited by its wide ranging and awesome results who are not as skilled. It would be a good idea if you are in this vulnerable state to check the qualifications of any practitioner offering to help you. Do not accept help from someone with only a basic level of training. Whilst you can use resource books to show you some skills do not use these for serious things without working with a qualified practitioner.

A professionally trained and qualified practitioner will monitor your well-being throughout any processes being undertaken and will ensure that you are in a 'good place' with plenty of resources, they will also make sure that you have support aside from their skilled practice as well, ie to make sure that you have a general practitioner who can support you too.

Now onto what you actually say about your fears. They are very normal responses to the alert you have been given to your mortality. You had to face the fact that your father was mortal and you could lose him, then you got the awareness that you too are mortal. The good thing is we are all mortal, we all know this then choose to forget in order to live our lives to the full. sometimes though we forget the living bit, the getting on and thriving bit with the best we can do and we get stuck. Right now you are a little bit stuck on the awareness bit having made its way back to your conscious mind, it will fade away a bit as you are choosing to enjoy life with all its ups and downs.

Enjoy the relief that your father is okay, and that you too are okay if mortal.

best wishes

Molly xxx

A good practitioner will take a medical history and hopefully notify your general practioner if they treat you.

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Hi molly thanks for ur response, have u tried NLP on urself? How did it work out for u?

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Yes I have tried NLP for myself and it does work really well in certain situations. I valued it so highly that I trained to master practitioner level. I do not live in your country so please rest assured that I am not trying to influence you for gain.

very best wishes


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Molly i apologise if i sounded rude, but it wasnt my intention to sound as if i was cautious about u trying to influence me for monetary gain. I asked u because i wanted to know from a personal perspective. I have come to realise i need a complete brain wash, because i cannot seem to knock these feelings out of my head

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