atlanta schizophrenics anonymous

Anybody interested in joining?

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Schizophrenics Anonymous meets in the north Gwinnett County off Buford Highway - 2755 Sawnee Ave. Buford, GA 30518.
Every wed 6-8 pm

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references includes the director of the facility; gwinnett county dept of health and human services buford service location; you can just google them

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I just wanted to inform you of a second location we got to serve the sz community within atlanta

100 hannover park rd
Sandy springs ga 30350
suite 160

Every thurs, 6-8pm

So we have two locations within GA, one in Buford, and another in Sandy Springs

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Do you have any locations near Covington or Conyers or plan to set up another one? I hope to find people with Schizoaffective Disorder like me there also.

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