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I don't understand why our healthcare systems don't require at least a chest xray for smokers. I know that even non-smokers get LC. My chest xray showed only one of two tumors and the CT scan picked up the second one. I think people are going to be forced to make-up worse symptoms to be able to get these tests done earlier. We hear to much about being dx with different respiratory ailments with tons of antibiotics given, so why don't doctors realize that there's probably something else going on here. Thanks for your article and continued success to you.
Take care, Judy

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I agree! A few years ago I mentioned some changes in my girl cycles and boom.......had an endo biopsy on the spot!!!

It's like lc is the black sheep........the consenus which is SOOO wrong is that only smokers get it (wrong) and non smokers don't (wrong again)!!!!

If someone is having resp symptoms they should have tests and it shouldn't matter if they smoke or not or how old they are........tests instead of antibiotics!!!

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X-rays don't necessarily pick up cancer. I had them every year during my annual exam, the last one 6 months before my diagnosis, where the CAT scan showed a tumor the size of mandarin orange (7x7x7 cm). So much for X-rays. Oh, and lung capacity tests (also done annually) also were normal. I thought I had it covered.
Scans are expensive and I guess doctors order them only after all other possible diagnoses have been eliminated. Too bad for most misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed patients.

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Recent research showed that proactive X-ray screening wasn't especially beneficial to survival, but CT screening was (20% better). Unfortunately, doing CT scans of large numbers of people would be very expensive.

I my own case, an x-ray showed I had no tumor masses, yet it showed up on a CT scan 3 weeks later -- a 6cm consolidated tumor.

Newer technologies such as those that detect cancer markers in the breath of patients might fare better at low cost, and might not be so heavily biased toward only testing smokers.

Best hopes,

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hi shardane, i questioned my doctor as to why a scan was not scheduled when a spot was found on my lung, he said they cant afford to scan every little mark. by the way the spot was a 4cm tumor so i too wonder why they bother to xray.

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i ahve just read your reply to me on my thread about cant stop thinking, and was going to reply on that thread when i decided to have a look through your profile, because what you said on your reply made so much sense to me.

i want to say i am a fellow scot, i am from edinburgh, but started life as a buddy (yes i still follow st mirran-nil!)

so really good to see what is happening in scotland, especially when i read somewhere that the scottish stats were among the most dismal around

on the smoking thing, well i also smoked cigars - unusual for a female i know, but there ya go! i stopped smoking on burns night. i dont want anything to compromise my fight for life, but on the other hand struggling to remain smoke free. having a sneeky puff here and there.

anyway, its so so good to see that there are people who are taking this in their stride, and helping to raise the profile. from what you said to me on my other thread it sounds like you really do get the anxiety. i find it paralyising at the moment, and understand the anxiety thought loop so so well. so good to hear of someone who has been there and got through it

i had to smile at you wondering if you should buy a new pair of shoes. i read that out to hubby and he just laughed and said, now i wonder where i have heard those thoughts before?

anyway, airdrieeric just wanted to say hello on your thread


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I had a standard chest xray that didn't show my 11cms tumour, why? because a 'standard' PA (posterior/anterior) chest x ray doesn't look at the base of the lungs, you need a lateral x ray for that and they are not done routinely! Subsequently I wasn't diagnosed until 10 months later!

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Hi Rusty,
Thanks for your reply to my reply,heres another reply LOL,we have something else in common,Airdrie Nil.
its so nice to meet up with a fellow Scot,be great to meet up with you and hubby to share a pint next time I am in Edingburgh,I am currently on a SIGN committee,looking at redrafting the management of lung cancer patients document,due for publication in December,I am a layperson in amongst,approx twenty oncologists,pharmicist,psychologists, researchers and reporters.We meet up periodically at Elliot House in Edinburgh,I always travel to Edingburgh by train,I hate driving there,good news the new rail link Airdrie to Edinburgh is now open so travelling is that bit easier now.
I do hope you discard the wee fly puffs,I just could'nt put another cigar in my mouth for fear it would encourage the cancer to return.Anxiety- it does kinda creep up on you unexpectedly at times does'nt it?,but I promise you, this does pass with time as you gain more confidence.If on some occassion this returns and you would like to share with me,I will reply soon as,my personal e-mail address is Bye for now.

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Hi Lyn,
Always a pleasure to hear from you,this lung cancer journey sure has proved to be a real education for me,I never knew there were different types of chest x-rays,it was such a shame that the wrong type held up your dx,maybe it should be standard procedure that PA and lateral types are taken at the same time?.I must raise this one at the next committee meeting.

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My husband's chest x-ray didn't catch his 9cm Pancoast tumor, and they were looking for it! This delayed dx for seven months when a savy orthopedic guy caught it. He KNEW there was something there by the symptoms and Vicente had a CT scan the next day!

Hey, I'm also Scottish (by ancestry - MacGregor) and I visited Scotland a few years back. Looooved it!!!!!!!



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Hi Holly,
Pleased to meet you,its amazing given the training and expertise that radiologists have,they can fail to spot a tumour of 9cm in size?.You were really lucky to have the orthopedic guy to hand.Best wishes for a complete recovery for your husband.
Please,next time you visit Scotland,let me know,I would be glad to show you my favourite places to visit.

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Thanks Airdrieeric!

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