T790M Mutation

My 77 year old father in law has non-small lung cancer. He was diagnosed 9 years ago. He also has the EGFR mutation and had success with Tarceva for two years. Now he was diagnosed with brain mets and having whole brain radiation. He also has two tumors in his abdomen. The gene mutation there is T790M. The doctors do not have any options for him. Does anyone have any information to share with us about this mutation? Thank you!

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I'm not the best with answers but he survived 9 years thATS damn good. But when it hits the brain no there is nothing that can be done but Radiation. I dont know how long the survival rate is with that. I heard about chemo to the brain it would be better and i wld try to push for cyber knife surgery if you have insurance. There is hope he can beat this.. You have to push for the best treatment but radiation wont last long push for chemo or cyber knife.

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Hi Richard,
I just saw this tweet yesterday from Dr. jack West. Haven't looked at it yet so not sure what's all there. His website, cancergrace.org may be helpful in finding out more about resistance and trials available. Best to both of you.


http://www.slideshare.net/JackWestMD/acquired-resistance-to-egfr-tkis-in-lu ng-cancer-nsclc

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P.S. Ariad AP26113 is an experimental ALK inhibitor that might also be useful against EGFR T790M, but I don't know if it's also useful against the more common Tarceva-sensitive EGFR mutations. I assume it doesn't cross the blood-brain-barrier, so another solution would be needed for such mets (targeted radiation or surgery or maybe an experimental trial of GRN1005 but that sounds risky).

Best hopes,

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