stomach cramps

hi all, im haveing a little bit of cramping. wondering if it could be the med here is what im on.folic acid,alimta,cisplatin,avastin.also wandering if any of you have been on these and what was/is your experince?

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I had stomach cramps with Alimta and the vitamin I took every day. I hated it. I stopped this treatment for other reasons, but the stomach cramping was a big issue for me - not for my doctor. Watch that you stay as regular as possible, and that you pass as much gas as possible. Don't hold it in!

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For starters, make sure you do everything possible to keep from getting constipated. I took Miralax day before and day of treatment, then senna tablets as needed. I always found that keeping a little something in my stomach helped, so I'd have an Ensure or something. MJ

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