Knowledge is power. Power brings hope.

Dear friends, newbies and long timers,

We all have at least one thing in common, and that is what brings us here. Lung cancer.
It may be that we come here because we were diagnosed with lc, or because a loved on was. Either way we come here to find support, knowledge and hope. Hope to be able to rid our bodies of this disease. Support in how to manage and endure during treatments, support when waiting for scan results that will show if the treatment worked or not.
We come here to find knowledge because lung cancer is so diverse and tricky it is impossible for one oncologist to stay on top of all research on all the different treatment modalities and options. Together we have a vast pool of knowledge that we can share. We have a tremendous amount of experience from many experts and we know where to find them; the doctors who are top of the line.

It does not matter if you are a newbie or an old timer here, it doesn’t matter if you are just now beginning your treatments or if you are on your third or fourth line. What serves you best in trying to free your body from cancer, or trying to find a way to live with it- despite it, you are best served by learning as much as you possibly can about YOUR lung cancer and your treatments and options. It applies whether you are stage I or stage IV. It applies if you are looking for a cure, maintenance or a dignified end of life.

Knowledge will make it easier for you to find the best treatment for you. It will help you ask the right questions of your doctor, it will help you spot any issues that are arising and make it possible to nip it in the bud.
Knowledge will also help you realize when and if there is no hope for a cure but hope for maintenance. It will also help you prepare for end of life in due time. Not too soon and not too late. Knowledge will help motivate you to get a second and maybe a third or fourth opinion.

Knowledge CAN save your life. It most certainly WILL improve your quality of life.
It will prevent you from prematurely throwing in the towel.

It also brings comfort. Comfort in knowing that you and your doctors are doing all that you can to bring health to your body. Hope.

By learning about your body and how it works you can help yourself manage treatments so that you will not suffer needlessly.

Knowledge will motivate you to drink a lot of fluids to flush the toxins out when on chemo. It can make all the difference- if you don’t drink you may end up with a lot of bad side effects; it may prevent you from getting the next treatment. It can stop a downward spiral.

Knowledge will motivate you to eat when you don’t feel like it. It will keep you strong and prevent you from deteriorating and loosing strength and stamina. It helps you choose foods that will give you energy, energy that you need to restore health to your body.

Knowledge is what makes you get out of bed and walk at least a few steps every hour, because you know how dangerous it is to remain in bed.

Knowledge is power, it is a great tool and I urge you to find as much as you can.
By choosing to learn you are choosing life, however long or short that may be.


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So true Annika. I just wish I could understand and remember all the knowledge I get every day both here and in my personal life. I print things, write notes and then can not find them later. I laugh about it but it can be so frustrating. Sometimes, I just want to cry trying to keep up at work and not be let go. I am so thankful to have what I have tho.....My work has been pretty patient with this old lady. This site has been a blessing for knowledge and I know I have cancer help here if I can not find my print outs. LOL

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Yes indeed Annika..knowledge is power.
I couldn`t agree with you more. You put a lot into this are a am I. Sometimes when I am alone..I think and think. You wouldn`t believe the thoughts I have.
I did all the research for Malcolm..and told him of what had I learned ( sometimes he listened..and sometimes he didn` )..made him look on here at times to see what others were saying or knew of his illness. He was impressed. I told his whole story here of his lung cancer journey..and he was like " You have everything documented here don`t you Darlene." Yes I do Malcolm.
I was ready to do all and any thing I could to help him and he knew it.
Yes, knowledge is use it, learn it, keep it..have it and always be with hope..knowledge is hope too.
Love you my wise and loving friend !!
Thank you for all you do..

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Hey Judy,
LOL! I did not intend to come across as preaching- but when I look back it certainly looks that way. :)

Thank you for your support.


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Dear Debra,
Thank you for your support.
I am sorry you are struggling with your notes and printouts. Maybe you can try to keep one note book and one binder for this "stuff"? No loose paper to look for?

Hang in there.


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Your so right Annika. Without this website I would
have only known what my oncologist wanted me to
know. The people on Inspire are full of information
and of course the greatest pep talkers in the world.
Some have contributed knowledge, some humor,
some prayers, but all in all we are in this fight
together. Thank-you to each and everyone of you
for sharing with all of us.

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Dear Darlene,
Thank you for your support. Yes, you certainly have documented Malcolm's journey.
You also did all that you
could to help him. No doubt.

Your documentation helps, it is part of the knowledge base here.
You help many, not only with knowledge but also with hope, encouragement and inspiration.

Thank you for all that you do.



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My family and friend were teeling to stay off the internet.. i said i can't i need to know everything so when i talk to the doc i know what to ask..
this is one of my favs

The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.
Bertrand Russell

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Annika my dear,

I have been off for about a week and a half. I took a vacation. You are so wise with your choice of words and reminder for some of the old timers. I know FOR A FACT inspire friends kept my Melva with me for a much longer time than probably expected. And healthy.

It is good to see your post. I am happy to hear you are recovering well. You are a strong a** woman!!!!!!! ;)

Much love,

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Dearest Annika,

Thank you for bringing some sunshine to what has been a long stretch of dimness here. It's good to pull up the blinds, and let the light shine in!

The Power of Positive Thinking has probably saved more lives than anything else we do for lung cancer. It's that little extra that pulls us through when treatments seem to be too much to take. It's what gives us courage when we face a tough decision and have to weigh out the percentages for success. We would be paralyzed most times without hope and courage.

As you so beautifully put it, knowledge is power, and when we feel powerful.... HOPE is the crowning jewel for our rewards.

So thanks for your wise perspective.....and your beautiful words. I always treasure them......and you!

With love and lots of hope,
Your Forever Friend,

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Dear Maria,
You define Inspire so well. Thank you!
It may be that we can find the medical info on the internet even without Inspire but there sure is a wealth of knowledge here. The human aspect, the shared experience and and loving support is hard to find elsewhere. Of course the humor and the stories from ordinary life helps us too.
Thank you for being part of this amazing network.


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Dear gtp,
You found an excellent quote for this discussion. Thank you!

I don't think you are alone in being discouraged from "fact finding".
Have you ever wondered why people are so afraid of knowledge? What is it that they fear?


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Dear Cici,
Welcome back! I hope you had a great and restful vacation.
I know that you were constantly looking for knowledge and information so as to best help Melva. You did, and you did good. You helped her, no doubt.

It is good to see you back.

Hugs and Love

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Well said.

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Hi Annika! Yes, I don't think I would have made it this far without all of the gazillion links that I have bookmarked on my own and that were posted here....

The time I have to talk to my Oncologist when I see him is limited and he is a great Dr. but not exactly talkative!!! Without research and Inspire, I would have been floundering in a sea of uncertainty....No matter what the facts are - I want to know!!! For years I was doing research trying to figure out what was wrong with me, while my Dr.s patted me on the head and sent me on my way - assuring me that all of my labwork was normal.....I finally quit going just to prove to them that I wasn't a hypochondriac but gave my GP one last chance before finding a new Dr. and by that time my tumor had grown to 3 1/2 cm and metasticized to my Liver. I'm still pissed about the whole thing but glad that at least I was paying attention!!!

I am so happy to live at a time when all of this information is available to us; we need only to read it!!!
♥ Viktory

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gtp - I think a lot of people who say to stay off the internet are doing so because the survival rates on there are so dismal. The fact is, they are out of date. There are many new drugs that are dramatically changing the outlook for us.
The internet is a great place to do research!


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Hi Annika,

That was very good.Thanks.


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Thank you Cyn for your support and unwavering friendship.
You wrote:
" It's what gives us courage when we face a tough decision and have to weigh out the percentages for success. We would be paralyzed most times without hope and courage."

You have no idea how true these words ring in my ears.

You see, at times we misplace our courage, we lose sight of our hope and in the great void of darkness there is only fear and despair. At those times it is here on Inspire we have friends who can help us find hope again through their knowledge and that may give us courage to keep going. I know because I am there. Facing tough decisions.
I am not a stranger to tough treatments and what comes with.
I try as best as I can to find answers to many questions in order to best choose my future path. In my case, there are not that many answers to find, really, there are more Q's than answers. When we are presented with these crossroads we are helped by friends we can discuss different view points with. Friends like you who understand that nothing is written in stone and that knowledge and understanding of the different options and what they entail will ultimately help us choose. Friends like Greg and G who help us look for answers in the right places.
And of course there are all of those who help with moral and emotional support which is just as important. It always amazes me to see those who actually are suffering the most are so quick to support someone else in need.
I was not going to make this a personal post Cyn, but your words spoke to me on a personal level so I allowed myself to digress.

As always I wish you all the best,
Hugs and Love my dear, sweet friend.
I love you and I would be lost without you.


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Dear weiwei,
Thank you!

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Dear Victory,
I cannot imagine trying to go through this without all the knowledge that we have at our disposal. Or without the support.
Lung cancer 20 years ago must have been so lonely and so much harder.

I for one am so happy you found your way here, most of all I am happy you were paying attention.

Your doctors bring forth a different sentiment in me.

Hugs and love

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