Astragalus and Resveratrol

Is there anyone who use/used astragalus and resveratrol supplements from solgar?
Best hopes.

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We just ordered grape seed today!! The research behind it is amazing!

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Hi Pray,
I hope it will be beneficial.

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Me too! We just finished drying fresh papaya leaves, so g
Hopefully that will help also!!!!

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I use resveratrol. But I would not buy anything from Solgar. When ever anyone does a random testing of supplements to see if they really contain what is on the label, Solgar is at the bottom of the list.
I make sure the supplements I buy come from a company that has proof their products are safe and effective. You can't go by general research, it has to be on the specific product.

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Do you know the link to this? I would really appreciate it

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Hi again,
Resveratrol can be beneficial (in my opinion) with quercetin and reishi. But i cannot be sure about the dosage. What can you say about the dosage of resveratrol?
best hopes.

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