OT--I'm so embarrassed about my breathing during a training

Okay so yesterday I facilitated one of my first training classes since becoming pregnant. It was with a group of about 30 newer managers. After I went through the introductions and basic housekeeping I kicked into the actual material. OMG!!! I started panting and breathing like I had run up a flight of stairs. This continued until I had common sense to slow my pace and speech down. I'm so used to being a ball of energy in my classes that I didn't realize how much energy I used.

I wished I was much further along to share that I was pregnant and that's the reason I was panting like a dog. Of course I just chuckled and went on like nothing was wrong...lol.

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OMG those first few months I could barely breathe walking from the couch to the television. It got better after a while but the pregnancy rhinitis has hit me hardcore in the last couple of weeks (I'm 17 now).

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Oh yes! I remember my early pregnancy - I was constantly out of breath for no reason! I read that it is the hormones and whatnot that causes that. Now that I am 23 weeks I find I am starting to get out of breath faster as well. I guess we are getting to the place where my uterus starts taking up too much room! It is kind of embarrassing though! I had to sit down halfway through a class the other day, but I did tell my students I was pregnant. They just rolled with it!

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Oh yeah. You should see me try to teach a three hour lecture course! So embarrassing.

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I have the same problem... I'm 29w with twins. I am working from home now and was on a telecon with my boss and his boss and had to review a couple presentations of mine. I felt like I was running a marathon and talking the same time.. I was so out of breath. I've had this out of breath issue while talking ever since I've been PG. People must think I'm crazy or something.

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Thanks for the responses. It helps knowing that I'm not alone. I just have another 6 weeks and I will be done until the summer. At least by then they will be able to see why I'm breathing heavily.

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I lead an educational therapy group every Wednesday night, and last week, I couldn't believe how out of breath I was. Like you, I'm a naturally energetic person, so it caught me off guard. Looks like I'm gonna have to learn to pace myself better!

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Yep, you're not alone! I'm at 31 wks and had a student ask me on Fri. if the baby was coming soon. I said, "Well, not really, still a few more weeks. Why?" He said he thought I was "breathing too loud"! I sat down for the rest of class after that!

I actually started using our humidifier in our bedroom at night because it seems to help me breathe better when I sleep (DH says I've stopped making funny noises, anyway!). You could try that. I've also found it helps me not be so dehydrated at night, so I don't drink 2-3 glasses of water (like I had been doing) and then have to wake up to use the bathroom all the time!

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