Going to Advocacy Day--Inspire others

Hi everyone,
If you're part of the RESOLVE online community and you're coming to Advocacy Day, tell others why you're coming!

I'll start...
well, first it's part of my job :)

I am so angry at how expensive it is for all of us to start a family.
I want to make sure the Adoption Tax Credit doesn't change.
I want to be part of the healthcare reform discussions.
I want to go for my one of my best friends who is in such a bad place right now because of her struggles and be her voice.

Please be part of this movement!


Who else is going???

Rebecca Flick
Director of Marketing

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I would love to go but I am not allowed to travel and would not want to upset other resolve members as pg as I am anyway. What are ways people who can not attend can help?

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www.resolve.org/AdvocacyDay for details on how to help with Advocacy Day when you can't make it to DC

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