1st Birthday Party Ideas Needed

I am looking for creative suggestions for my daughter’s first birthday party. She is turning one in early September so we plan to have it Labor Day weekend since everyone will be off from work. I am stuck on a theme because I don’t want it to be just any first birthday party. I want it to a celebration! We are just over the moon and even though every day is special we really want to make this party a nice celebration of family, her birth and adoption. Does anyone have creative wording for the invitation, or girly summery party themes or ideas we should incorporate into the party? Thanks in advance!

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DS's 1st b-day is next month and we are doing a Charlie & The Chocolate Factory theme...not sure if that would work for your idea, but there are so many different ways you can decorate with this theme. As a side note...I'm hanging the 1st 12 months of his life, in pictures, on a string with clothes pins ~ so excited for this and you could incorporate that as a way to celebrate. For the invite...we did a Golden Ticket invitation, which has great wording! Off the top of my head...it mentions "oompa, loompa, doopadedoo, it wouldn't be a party without you"...which I just love!

I'm borrowing a chocolate fountain and a bounce house, have sidewalk chalk for the kids, and am going to get a big jar to fill with candy and have the kids guess how much is in it ~ winner takes it home. Then I'm doing bubbles for their take home gift ~ thought I'd skip extra candy since we'll have so much of it around that day. I'm doing cupcakes for the adults/kids, with candy for them to decorate their own and then DS will have his own small smash cake.

Good luck on your planning!!

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I am trying to plan right now for DS birthday next month (can't believe I am writing that!). I am doing a sock monkey theme. Invites were something like our little monkey is turning one. Doing cupcakes with sock monkey toppers, and little favor bags with banana runts. My mom made a little onsie for him to wear with a number one made from sock monkey fabric. That is about it for the "theme" but I thought it was cute....and DS has a sock monkey that he just loves so I thought it appropriate. Have fun - I have always said that these big kid's birthday parties are silly since they don't even know what is going on....and here I sit making a big deal about the menu and decorations. I feel it is a party for me too....a celebration of one year!

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I found some amazing things on etsy. You can order an invitation that comes in a Jpg and then you upload it to Costco and get the invitations printed. It was $8 for the invitation on etsy and then $15 for 50 of them. If you just go to etsy.com and type in invitations and then you can maybe get a good idea.

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For dd's end of September birthday, I am deciding between a picnic theme or rainbow theme. Pinterest has some great ideas for rainbow parties, like a rainbow fruit platter. I'm thinking logistically a picnic might be easier, s thats why I am considering changing my theme. Still unsure what to serve to make adults and babies happy.... Was gonna consult you ladies eventually.

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here is a great pin on a carnival theme party


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Ooh, rainbow theme - you could make these cookies: http://debbiekoenig.com/2011/12/13/full-spectrum-rainbow-cookies/

We bought Eric Carle cupcake toppers on Etsy as my son's favorite book is "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See" and then built off that (animal plates, balloons, several Eric Carle gifts). Our house is small enough that we didn't need to do much to feel like we had a theme. My friend brought over those metallic helium balloons with infant spoons attached as weights and they were the hit of the party among the one year old set. It doesn't take much!

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I like your words "over the moon" in your original post. Can you make that your theme?

Also, one of my favorite ideas is to take your DD's favorite book and make it into a party. My twins loved the Hungary Caterpillar their first year, so we used that as their 1st b-day theme. Kind of symbolic too, from squirmy little caterpillar into beauty butterflies!

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I made a big deal about the first birthday party too. I was overjoyed that I had a child to plan a party for and I think all the memories and emotions from his adoption kept surfacing. I would think "oh one year ago we got the call" etc. I ended up having it at a local park and going with a jungle theme. I displayed pictures of his first year and set out the calender I used to mark all his achievements in developement. I also passed around a matte from a frame and asked people to sign it. I started it with a few sentences on how much I loved him. Most people were great about including a note or thought. Even though I was so careful to plan the party between normal nap times he still fell asleep in his highchair while eating. I would just caution you not to expect much out of your child but to still embrace the celebration of their life. This may seem over the top, but one thing I wish I had done was hire a photographer or at least designate someone else to take pictures. I took a ton of pictures( i'm normally the picture taker in the family) but it's harder to enjoy the actual event while trying to get the best pictures. I also wish I had thought to take a picture of everyone individually with my son. Him and grandma, him and aunt and uncle, etc.

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