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Saw my oncologist this morning. There is still a question about my breast cancer pathology. They are now feeling that rather than IBC it my be a metastasis of the clear cell ovarian. He is talking with the medical center that did my original debulking (and pathology) to determine what the next course of treatment should be. Among the possibilities are, Gemzar/Carbo, Pazopanb, stutent, Afinitor (sp sp sp!?) and whether or not to add Avastin to the mix. In any case, I will have a CT scan on Friday and by Tues. they will have a treatment plan in place. Back on the treatment train! My CA125 is 200, which is up about 70 points from 6 weeks ago. They did not find any additional cancer in my breast with the mastectomy, so feel that was fairly good news. The cancer seems to have been confined to the 'top' layers of my breast and 1 lymph node.
He thinks that the terrible constipation is due to the narcotic pain relievers and he will call in the Relistor shot if I have another bout of it. (Yay). I have had chronic fluid swelling in my right leg and foot, which he has finally called lymph-edema due to an enlarged lymph node in my groin. He wants me to lay off the lasix as it is tanking my potassium levels, and try to reduce the swelling by elevating leg and wearing the TED stockings. All my other blood work was looking good. (Yay again!)

Right now I am feeling pretty good, at least better than I was on that dreadful 'Red Devil' chemo. and I am very happy that I will have another week to enjoy the reprieve from chemo. Hopefully the next thing will not be so harsh!

Thanks to all of you who keep sending well wishes, white light, and prayers. Right back at ya! as they say here in the south. I am off to think about what to eat tonight, yay for an appetite!

Love and Blessings, Lil

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