My ONC fired me and reccomends Hospice

Monday I had a new CT scan of the abdomen, chest and some pelvis area. Got the results on Tuesday when meeting with the ONC. Apparently all the known turmors and mets have grown at least 2mm in the last three weeks. There are numerous new mets in the lungs, and the golf ball sized one is expanding. The unidentifiable spot on the liver is now 4 mm and is clearly cancer as are the many new spots on the liver. There is more info- but the point is- no third round of chemo, radiation is not an option and it is time to wrap up my business and enjoy myself until I can't.

I am already doing palliative care. going to a support group for people with advanced cancer and and giving away stuff to people. SIgned my will on tuesday. So..... now I am shooting to enjoy each day, with as little pain as possible and carry on as long as I can. Am not upset, am grieving though, intermittantly and wanting to make it at least another six weeks so that I can see my son get married. So if you are inclined to pray and send wishes, I am wanting " travel mercies" for the next stage of my journey in life.

I am on a tour of parts of Alaska- fourth trip in the last five weeks with friends and loved ones. Fall is beautiful. Went to Seward for the Silver Salmon Derby and saw about 15 otters - eating salmon, 5 seals and two sea lions. I missed them, but there were some bears enjoying the spawned out salmon and low tide. So, I will be getting as many more of these experiences in as possible before I cross over.

I have appreciated Inspire members, feedback and questions. I received wonderful support, and valuable information on this journey. Bless you all and thank you.


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