A Declaration of Independence:

Dear Fellow Travelers:
Most of us who live in the United States will in some way this week celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence. We will do it in spite of our health, financial status, religion, or political affiliation. Whether it is done at a community gathering, a day with family and friends, or another day spent in the confinement of a hospital room, for most there will be a reflection of freedom; of somehow celebrating our independence. It may be worthwhile to consider that our independence actually came after a long struggle, and then a process of uniting together with other people to become strong enough to guarantee our liberties. For some the process of independence and freedom took decades and even centuries longer to attain than others. For some the pursuit of freedom still continues. As you read this there are countless people who are united in the quest of finding solutions to the medical conditions that unite us together on this forum; they are working for our independence and freedom no matter what our particular condition or ailments. Those of you who so willingly participate in this Inspire Website by sharing your insights, your opinions, your experiences, and your information also play a significant part in helping others to gain valuable information and encouragement to assist them in their journey. I am one of those recipients; as I celebrate Independence Day this year, I will be very mindful and thankful for your participation.
Warmest Wishes, Best of Success; Mickeral

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